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Difference between successful coaches vs struggling coaches

Updated: Apr 1

Are you a struggling coach, putting in all the hours but not getting the bookings coming in?

Or maybe you're ready to launch your coaching business and want to start off strong and learn from an expert who has made the mistakes for you and can simply guide you toward your success?!

Here are the top reasons Spiritual Coaches fail within the first 1-3 years of business:

Starseed Academy is a 3-for-1 package where you master the following skills.

  • High-level coaching skills that provide real transformations for your clients. You will learn foundational to advance tools and skills that will offer your clients a powerful experience from the first time they meet you that allows your spiritual gifts to shine!

  • A safe place to explore your internal blocks so that you learn how to show up as your most confident and highest self. If you don't work on your own inner blocks then how can you show up as your best to serve your clients?

  • How to market from a conscious and energetic aligned way so that you attract soulmate clients with ease and abundance without having to force or chase clients to work with you.

Starseed Academy Coach Training Program is officially open!

Visit our certification program to learn more details about our upcoming program beginning June 1st.

Apply and register before April 15th to get early bird pricing!


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