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Shift your mindset and land new clients

The number one question new coaches ask is how to get clients. Worrying about getting new clients keeps some people from answering their calling to become a coach. How you think about becoming a successful coach and getting plenty of new clients is the key. That’s right. Shifting your mindset is the first step to getting new clients.

Why New Life Coaches Struggle to Get Clients.

New life coaches struggle to get clients because they focus on the wrong things. They spend too much time worrying about the latest strategy or setting up new, trendy social media. Marketing is essential to getting new clients but is not the most significant. While working on marketing, many of these same life coaches are making a big mistake in their client acquisition. They’re thinking about how hard it is to get clients!

The Role of Mindset in Getting Clients.

At this point, you might be wondering just how your mindset affects getting new clients. As a spiritual coach, you’ve likely heard that your thoughts affect your reality. This has been stated over and over by various spiritual teachers over centuries. Science has also shown that there’s truth in this. The thoughts you have train your unconscious mind to look for evidence that backs up those thoughts.

That means when you focus your thoughts on the lack of clients or how difficult it is to get new clients, your unconscious mind goes looking for evidence that those thoughts are true. If you change your thoughts, you give new instructions to your unconscious mind. As you start thinking about how easy it is to find new clients, your unconscious mind will find opportunities everywhere as proof that those thoughts are true.

If it feels like a stretch to say "Clients come to me easily and consistently" then try reframing it into an open-ended question to lighten the energy and open your mind to the possibilities: "How can I attract clients easily and effortlessly". Live in the question and be open to what the Universe provides.

How to Retrain Your Mindset

If your thoughts create your reality, you might want to think new thoughts. Fortunately, it’s not hard to retrain your mindset to work for you instead of against you. Here are some of the most important things you can do to retrain your mindset for success.

Focus on the right things. The first step is to focus on thinking about the right things. As mentioned earlier, it’s natural to think about how difficult getting clients is or that you need more clients. Focusing on the lack or the difficulty just trains your mind to find evidence in support of those thoughts. Instead, focus on opportunities. Think about how many people need your coaching. Think about how fun it will be to coach them when they do. Think about your purpose and how its inevitable you will live out your purpose and serve the right clients in divine time.

Feel good. When we feel good or are having fun, it impacts our mindset. Ever notice how fast time goes when you’re really enjoying yourself? Feeling good creates a shift in our brains. When we feel good about what we’re doing, it emphasizes the things we’re thinking about. To retrain your mindset, find ways to feel good about getting clients. Have fun talking with people. Be excited to talk about your business. Feeling good about what you’re doing and thinking in your business gives an extra boost to your thoughts and your confidence.

Use affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements you say to yourself to retrain your mindset. You repeat them over a period of time to help shift your thinking and embed new thoughts into your subconscious. If you can make saying affirmations into a game or something you enjoy, you’ll even give them an extra little boost. Here’s a list of affirmations for business success to get you started.

As you can see, your mindset affects how easily you will find new clients for your coaching business. If you’re not getting the results you want, focusing on shifting your mindset will help you realign and start seeing the outcomes you desire.

In our ICF-accredited spiritual coach training program, we offer year-long support as you build your business and teach you how to attract clients with ease. Learn more about our coach training program here!

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