Raising the consciousness of the world by raising high-level spiritual coaches with life-transforming skills, unstoppable confidence, and a conscious marketing approach so that they can serve on a higher level and enjoy a successful and profitable business!



Certified Spiritual Life Coach and ICF Accredited Professional Certified Coach, Minerva Maharajh answered a divine calling to open a spiritual coaching school, Starseed Academy, to train conscious souls to become high-level spiritual coaches.


She created this school because she was noticing talented coaches who lacked the confidence, tools, and business/marketing skills to run a sustainable business. She also noticed those who had a strong desire to help others but did not have the necessary skills and tools to make lasting transformations in their client’s lives.


Starseed Academy offers the gold standard in coaching skills and techniques that honors your spiritual gifts, safe ground for deep personal exploration so that you show up as your best self for your clients, and a new conscious way of marketing so that you are attracting clients with ease and never chasing them.


The tools and techniques taught in our spiritual coach training program are processes that have been proven to create exponential results and rapid transformations in Minerva’s clients worldwide; as well as create multiple six-figure businesses.


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You have been through a spiritual awakening and ready to help others change their lives

You have been formally trained and ready to uplevel  your skills, confidence and income as a spiritual coach

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You want to become an even more powerful coach and enhance your skills, gifts and learn how to run a sustainable business from a place of alignment 




Certified Spiritual Life Coach and ICF Accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Minerva Maharajh created an elite-level spiritual coaching school, Starseed Academy, to train awakened souls to become high-level spiritual coaches by embodying these 3 pillars:

Learn a variety of high-level spiritual tools and techniques that are proven to transform your clients' lives in exponential time.  Learn how to conduct a powerful coaching experience every time that perfectly balances structure and your spiritual gifts!


“You cannot take your clients any deeper than you’ve been yourself” - Rich Litvin

In an intimate sacred container, gain support as you explore your hidden blocks on money, self-worth, imposter syndrome, and anything else standing in the way of facilitating powerful transformations and serving from your highest self.


Learn our unique conscious approach to marketing and building a profitable business from energetic alignment!  Get your services out there from a place of integrity and authenticity and forfeit the old ‘salesy’ or ‘sleazy’ way of signing on clients. Our approach is proven to attract soulmate clients with ease without ever having to chase them! Follow our proven steps and you will enjoy a freedom-filled business in less than a year! 



We truly believe the world would be a better place with more high-level successful spiritual coaches so we are on a mission to provide the highest calibre in instruction and be home to the world’s best spiritual coaches!

What makes Starseed Academy Spiritual Coach Training Different?


We are a unique spiritual coach training program that offers high-level coaching skills the provides rapid transformations for clients while honoring your spiritual gifts, supporting your deep personal development so that you can take your clients further; as well as provides a new approach to marketing that is conscious, authentic and proven to create multiple six-figure businesses without the burnout, forced action, and sacrifices to your soul.

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Here is what you will learn in our spiritual coach training program:

  • How Spiritual Coaching is one of the most powerful styles of coaching and how to integrate different modalities

  • 13 Core Coaching Skills to uplevel your structure and let your spiritual gifts shine

  • A Non-Sales Script to Sign on Soulmate Clients

  • How to conduct a Powerful Deep Dive Session with clients so they experience breakthroughs from day one!

  • How to help clients set goals aligned to their soul and not ego

  • 21+ Spiritual Coach Tools & Techniques that are proven to transform lives, overcome blocks, bring deep healing, and manifest desires in exponential time

  • 10+ Life Coaching Tools to guide clients through overcoming blocks on a mental, physical and emotional level for a rounded coach approach

  • How to market your services in an authentic and energetically aligned way so you can build a business of freedom and attract clients with ease 

  • Your Human Design - Discover who you truly are so that you can learn to make aligned decisions, live out your life purpose and have clients come to you like a magnet without ever having to chase them

  • The entire flow of a coaching session that is structured and laser-focused to help your clients catapult towards theirs goals while providing a platform for a spiritual experience to unfold every time

  • ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics

  • "What to Do When..."  guide to prepare you for any arising scenarios in and out of client sessions so you show up like a pro!

  • Overcome your own personal blocks on visibility, pricing your services, money-making, imposter syndrome, and more.

  • Hands-on coaching experience, in and out of class, to skyrocket your skills and confidence

  • Discover who your Soulmate Client Is & How to Attract them with Ease and Flow

  • Your Zone of Genius

  • Your Soul’s Mission


  • Your Core Life Needs to ensure you are building a business in alignment

  • How to Price your Services

  • Our unique Coaching Sales Flow so build lasting relationships and a loyal community

  • How to structure 1:1 Coaching and Group Coaching Programs and a clarity on which program is right for you


Our spiritual coach training program is currently offered in 3 & 6-month programs with 26 classes per program
(2 hours per class).

To maintain an intimate container and give students individualized support
we only accept 12 students per cohort on an application and interview basis.

Once a student successfully completes the requirements of attending all classes, assignments,
peer coaching, practice clients, in-class and online exam, they will become a Certified
Spiritual Coach through Starseed Academy Coach Training Inc.

We aim to follow the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics and you will be trained by an ICF Accredited Coach with a successful coaching business of their own.

Apply for your spot today for our next cohort today!

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3-month Spiritual Coach Training Program


Waitlist now open... dates to be confirmed!


  • 26 Live Online Class Instruction

  • Starseed Academy Tools & Techniques Manual

  • Client Contracts, Forms & Handouts

  • Private Online Student Portal where your classes will be video and audio recorded for lifetime access

  • 1 Mentoring Session with an ICF Certified Instructor to review your marketing plan or receive support on any coaching skills & techniques

  • BONUS - Tantalizing DIY Sales Copy Template, 50 social media templates, How to Start a Podcast Checklist, How to Sell from the Stage Script, How to Hire a Rockstar Virtual Assistant, How to Attract Clients through YouTube/Video & exclusive discounts from our favorite vendors to help you build your business!


Early Bird $7450 CAD until April 15th

 Introductory Price $8700 CAD after April 15th


Payment plans available

USD fees based on current exchange rates

Prices are subject to change without notice

Apply for your spot today to become a High-Level Certified Spiritual Coach!

You will learn powerful and proven tools & techniques that Minerva developed to create powerful transformations in her clients' income, businesses, job opportunities, relationships, sense of self, manifesting desires, and more! You will learn a variety of tools and processes that clears, heals, and transforms blocks on a deep mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual level that are proven to create exponential results.

Imagine this for a moment…

What would your life look like if you answered that inner calling and embraced your God-given gifts?

You had 100% confidence and knew you were worthy of facilitating change?

You were worthy of receiving money for the transformation you offer?

What would that mean to you?  Your life? Your family?


This is what brought you to Starseed Academy!

Apply for a Spot in our Next Cohort Today!


Will I become a Certified Spiritual Coach after your program?

Once you successfully complete the requirements of the course such as attending live classes, complete reading materials, assignments, peer coaching, practice client sessions, and coaching finals, you will receive a certificate as a Certified Spiritual Coach through Starseed Academy Coach Training.

What kind of coaching will I be able to offer clients after your program?

Although you will be learning a spiritual coaching base with some life coaching tools, our structures, tools, and techniques can be applied to different types of coaching such as relationships, health, career, and business coaching; or any other way you are inspired to use them.

Will all classes be live?

Yes, all classes will be conducted live via Zoom. They will also be recorded and uploaded to your personal student portal for review and lifetime access within 24 hours of your live class.

How many students will be accepted into the program?

There will only be a max of 12 students accepted into each cohort to maintain an intimate learning environment and support our students individually. Apply for your spot right away as each class is expected to fill up quickly.

What is the length of your program?

We are currently offering 3 and 6-month spiritual coaching programs. Depending on the class size (max of 12 students per class) we ask you to reserve 24-26 classes to allow for in-class practice time with each student. For example, if we have 8 or fewer students, we will only need 24 classes. If we have a full class of 12 students, we will need to meet for 26 classes. There are no additional charges for extra group class time.

Will there be additional materials or costs outside of the tuition fee?

Outside of the tuition fee, there will be 1 or 2 books required for reading assignments which will range from $10-25 depending on where you are located in the world. Another cost may be printing a hard copy of your manual which is not required for your course and only if you prefer a hard copy for your review. You will be provided with a digital copy of the manual as part of your tuition paid. If you miss more than 2-3 classes live, you may be required to pay a make-up class fee to meet with your instructor. See 'what if I miss a class?' below for more details.

What are my payment options?

We offer full or payment plan options. If you choose the payment plan option, there is a minimal processing fee per month over 3-6 months. Our office is happy to arrange a comfortable payment plan with you should you be accepted into the program.

What if I miss a class?

We highly recommend that you prioritize attending your classes live with your instructor. In the event, you are unable to attend live, you will be allowed to miss 2 classes without penalty and will be required to review the class recording from your student portal before you attend the next class. If you miss more than 2 classes, you will be required to pay an additional makeup fee to meet with your instructor privately to get caught up on the missed material.

What if I don't complete the class?

At Starseed Academy, we are committed to helping you succeed. You have up to 6 months from your last class to complete and submit all requirements for certification. If for some reason you decide to withdraw from the class before the course is complete or we deem not a good fit to continue, please see the refund policy below and our terms & conditions agreement. If you miss the 6-month certification deadline, we offer options to complete your certification.

How long do I have to complete the course?

You have up to 6 months from your last class to complete and submit your certification requirements in order to become certified by Starseed Academy.

Is your program guaranteed to work and attract paid clients?

No program out there can guarantee results, mainly because we cannot control your level of willingness, effort and time put into the process. We are teaching you tools, techniques, and structures that have worked for Minerva and taken her business to six-figures plus create life-transforming results for her clients. These are tried, tested and true and Minerva is committed to providing the latest processes she has developed and proven to work for herself and others. We cannot guarantee results but believe if you follow the process, you will get out of it as much as you put in.

What is your application process?

Acceptance into our program is only by application and interview only. If you are serious about becoming a certified spiritual life coach, please apply for a spot by filling out the application by clicking the 'Apply Now' button above. Once we receive your application, Minerva reviews each one thoroughly and may invite you to the 2nd round of the application process via video or phone around 15-30 minutes. If you are approved into the program, you will receive an official acceptance letter via email. If it does not feel like the right fit, we will make a recommendation to apply at a different date.

What is your refund policy?

The full or first payment is required to secure your spot in the program as well as a signed student agreement form. An $800 CAD (approx $625 USD depending on current exchange rate) non-refundable deposit is included in all tuition fees. Tuition is NON-REFUNDABLE & NON-TRANSFERABLE within 30 days before the start of class. If a student has committed to a payment plan and has withdrawn from class less than 30 days before the start of class, no refunds apply and the student is still required to uphold the payment plan terms until all monies are paid in full. If for whatever reason the student is unsatisfied after the start of class, you will be required to send an email to our office as well as our director, Minerva Maharajh, and schedule a phone call to remedy the situation. We will do everything within reasonable means to rectify the situation. Full or partial refunds, in this case, are not guaranteed. If the student is deemed not the right fit to proceed with the training program due to rude or intolerable behavior, substance abuse, discrimination, etc; Starseed Academy reserves the right to withdraw the student from the program, and the no refund policy still applies.

Who is this program for?

This program is for aspiring, new or experienced spiritual coaches who are ready to level up their skills, confidence and income. If you have been/on an awakening journey and want to help others experience the same transformations, then apply for a spot in our upcoming Spiritual Coach Training Program to become a certified coach. The program is open to both male & female.

For additional questions, please contact our office by calling 888-203 2226 or by emailing us below.

Thanks for contacting us!