About Starseed Academy Coach Training
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Starseed Academy was established in January 2021 by Minerva Maharajh when she experienced a powerful meditation of being given the golden ticket to start Starseed Academy! She always knew creating a “university” for spiritual coaches was part of her mission but that “permission slip” was a divine nudge to get started. Starseed Academy aims to be the home of the world’s best spiritual coaches. Here we train awakened souls to become high-level spiritual coaches with life-transforming skills integrated with their unique spiritual gifts and a safe space for deep personal development so that our coaches can show up as their highest and best selves to serve others. We also equip our coaches with an updated, conscious approach to marketing and building a profitable business from a place of energetic alignment so that they can enjoy a freedom-filled business and life and attract soulmate clients with ease without the burnout, force, and struggle.


To become home of the world's best spiritual coaches and continuously help our coaches rise to the next level in their career and serving the world.


To raise the consciousness of the world by raising high-level spiritual coaches with life-transforming skills, unstoppable confidence, and a conscious approach to marketing so that they can show up as their best selves to provide powerful transformations, build a business that is energetically aligned to their core being and enjoy an abundant, freedom filled business and life.


  • Consciousness: To show up as our best selves and to serve on the highest level requires a constant commitment to unshedding/unlearning and stepping into the next level of consciousness. 

  • Limitless: We believe we are Infinite Beings at the core and when we live and breathe from this place, anything is possible and show others the same!

  • No Judgement - Only Love: Understanding we are all on a unique soul journey, growing at different paces and have different life experiences. We honor each other's journey and believe others grow best from a perspective of love - not judgment.