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Our faculty at Starseed Academy are highly sought-after, service-minded, gifted beings who are ready, equipped, and excited to guide you in living in alignment with your soul’s mission!

Leah Grant Starseed Academy Coach Training Advisor

Leah Grant

Starseed Advisor, Master Certified Coach, Mystic, Spiritual Guide


Leah Grant’s entire lifetime has been filled with various spiritual and paranormal experiences. She draws upon these to serve as a guide assisting others to advance on their spiritual path. 


She is an ICF Master Certified Coach, a Master Certified Psychic, a Certified Master Medium, a Certified NLP Practitioner, an Ordained Minister, and a multi-published International best-selling author. Leah has the gift of teaching as well and has taught and mentored coaches for four coach training schools over the last 20 years.


As Starseed Advisor, Leah brings her coach training and mentoring experience to serve as the International Coach Federation liaison ensuring the Starseed curriculum aligns with ICF standards and students have the highest level of support through their process.


As the creator of Ecstatic Meditation™ Leah combines music, movement, meditation and mantra to shed emotional energies and produce a more loving and pure etheric state.


Currently, Leah is building out Mystical Archetypes™, an archetypal system that can be used to create awareness, expand consciousness and promote integration so that users can evolve more into their multidimensional selves on their journey towards spiritual mastery. She will be launching her new podcast, Adventures in Mysticism, on 1/11/2022.

Starseed Academy Maia Harris.jpg

Maia Harris-Jordan

Executive Assistant

Maia Harris-Jordan is our Executive Assistant who aids the smooth running of Starseed Academy. Maia brings extensive customer service, clerical, analytical, creative, and organizational skills to the business. Always with the goal of streamlining any processes and helping to remove blocks that are hindering any vision, mission, or goal. Maia holds a BA Hons degree in Photography from the University of Gloucestershire and believes adding a creative touch and consistent style will transform how a business is perceived and can be used as a powerful tool.

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