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Become a Certified Spiritual Coach with our ICF- Accredited High-Level Spiritual Coach Training Program

Are you ready to answer the call to become a certified spiritual coach?

I remember the exact moment I received "the call"...


After two decades of a career in film & television as a dancer and actress, I started having a sinking feeling this path was no longer meant for me... 


After many days and nights (and years if I am being totally honest) of frustration, tears, and resistance, I decided to surrender to God/Source and make a complete career change. 


I remember getting really sick. When I looked up the metaphysical meaning it said something to the effect of  "you aren't living in alignment to your purpose/resisting your purpose"

I finally gave up forcing my old career to work and surrendered to God and said,

"Spirit, lead the way and I will follow"


After a few months of truly letting God/Source lead me, I gave in to the spiritual urges and messages I was receiving and wrote down all the messages I was receiving: 

"change lives through coaching and meditation"


Honestly, I didn't even know what that meant at the time but I trusted, listened and never looked back since.

Today I run a growing four to five-figure-a-month coaching business (Goddess of Wisdom Spiritual Life Coaching) and an ICF- Accredited Spiritual Coach Training School (Starseed Academy Coach Training), am the host of Words of Wisdom Podcast, work with the most aligned, amazing clients, do work I love, make a real impact in people's lives and still get to experience a life of true freedom, wealth and abundance.

I still let God lead me and that is how Starseed Academy came to be...

That is why you are here. You have been spiritually led here. You are meant to become a certified spiritual coach, change lives, and receive an income by by being you!

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  • You know you have a greater purpose

  • You know you have spiritual gifts that can change lives


  • You have been through your own spiritual awakening and ready to evolve further

  • You are ready to create a life of true freedom doing what you love, build your own coaching practice and financial freedom on your terms!

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Starseeds know they are meant to raise the consciousness of the world but not without raising the consciousness within first

  • You have gone through your own spiritual awakening and it has brought you to where you are and who you are today ready to lead others through their own awakenings


  • You always knew you had spiritual gifts and you are ready to utilize and develop them further to make a true difference in people's lives, your community, or at work

  • You are ready to become a certified spiritual coach and make this a liveable career so that you can become financially free while doing work that lights you up

  • You have a heart-centered mission to be of service to others​ and change the world

  • You are ready to take your previous training further to the next level and elevate your offerings with life-transforming tools, confidence, and support to make a greater mark in your client's lives and community

We are here to help and we help you do it YOUR WAY!


We do not believe in teaching a one-size fits all approach.

All our instructors, including myself, at Starseed Academy, have built businesses from the essence and uniqueness of who we are.

Yes, we will teach you tools, techniques, coaching skills, and business models to build a solid foundation as a coach but we teach you structures, skills, models, and life-changing mindsets and qualities that will carry you throughout every level of your coaching career.


As business owners ourselves, we mentor you to create a sustainable and profitable business your way!

I own two successful coaching businesses, Starseed Academy Coach Training & Goddess of Wisdom Spiritual Life Coaching. I accredit the success of both of my coaching-type businesses to stepping outside the box, not following any marketing & business rules, and allowing myself to be fully me.

After years of experience, training, mentorship, and trial and error, I can say what truly made the biggest difference in my income, confidence, life, and business was being bold enough to BE ME!


I truly believe what will bring the greatest success to your business and career as a coach will be integrating more of you into your business.

I remember the days of sitting behind a desk dying inside waiting for the clock to strike 5 pm...

There were moments I didn't think I life of freedom, wealth, and purpose was meant for me. But now I get to enjoy:

  • A spacious lifestyle running 2 successful businesses while only working 15 -20 hours a week with a wonderful assistant

  • Living out my purpose and helping others do the same

  • Partner with amazing clients and witness their greatest transformations and achievements unfold

  • Spend plenty of quality family time with my Husband, dog, and  2 beautiful children 

  • Plenty of "me-time" and weekends away for myself (I love taking myself on a personal retreat by the lake!)  

  • Receive consistent income (4-5 figure months)

  • Plenty of date nights with the Hubby

  • A deep connection with God/Source and consistent daily practices to guide me on my earth's purpose and journey 

  • Time off when I want, doing what I want without worrying about my businesses

What is possible for you on the other side of where you are?

My life was created through many life experiences and trial and error, it wasn't always easy. But I hope to make it a little easier for you when it comes to building the life and business of your dreams without sacrificing too much time, money, energy, or yourself for true success.


  • Become a Confident & Strong Spiritual Coach with our core 13 coaching skills, over 30 spiritual and life coaching tools, and techniques, integrating your intuition and spiritual gifts, and in class practice with direct feedback from an ICF-accredited coach


  • Build a Successful and Sustainable Coaching Business We'll share proven, energetically aligned business structures to have in place as well as guide you to create a lucrative and sustainable business YOUR way so that you are not met with burnout or doing things that do not satisfy your soul

  • Be The Coach You Are Meant to Be You'll receive top-quality support and mentorship as you step into this new chapter in your life and career. When natural phases and resistance arise as a spiritual coach, your Instructors will be there to coach you through your blocks and anything that arises around pricing, finding clients, website copy, packages and services to offer, best marketing platform to use to find your soulmate clients, etc; This support is enough to elevate your as a coach as we offer not only support during and outside of class, but one-year business support to ask your Instructor and Director anything through our private, customized voice chat system.


The individual high-touch support you receive from your Instructors & Mentors in this program is like no other - It's the most comprehensive program out there. 


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Minerva Maharajh, PCC

Founder, Director of Education, Head Instructor & Certified Spiritual Life Coach

Mission: To show you how to create an infinite business and life filled with unlimited time, space, money  and energy.

Signature Successes: Running two successful coaching businesses, helping my clients achieve pay in full dream clients,  starting new careers & businesses, receiving unexpected bonuses, raises, job offers, getting pregnant, clearing debt, living in alignment with the truth of who they are and building a life of freedom.


I am most proud of birthing an Internationally recognized school, Starseed Academy, my two beautiful babies, and creating an expansive soul-led business and lifestyle and grateful to God everyday for my soul's mission.


Julian Crosson-Hill, ACC

Co-Instructor, Certified Spiritual Coach, Human Design Specialist

Mission: To be a catalyst and facilitator of people’s inner remembrance of their true capabilities and the realization of a life of love, freedom, peace, and limitlessness.

Signature Successes: Finding my own unique approach to human design that helps people feel more expansive about what makes them unique and helps them connect to their own ability to overcome limitations, developing a successful coaching practice that has helped clients find work that has meaning for them, claim their spiritual calling, find confidence being seen and speaking up and building spirituality-based business according to their own unique work style, creating a successful podcast, embracing & leveraging my own human design to accomplish a lot in a short time, maintaining space in my own life to spend time with my husband and pursue my interests while running a business.

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High-Level Spiritual Coach Training Certification Program


Our ICF Accredited High-Level Spiritual Coach Training Certification Program aims to accomplish these 3 goals:

We focus on nurturing your God-given talents and spiritual gifts along with teaching you a variety of high-frequency spiritual tools and techniques that are proven to transform our clients' lives in exponential time.  Feel confident and stand out from the sea of coaches by deepening more into the magic of YOU!

High-Level Coaching Skills. Starseed Academy Coach Training


We guide you in building your business within structures that honor the essence of you and bring your vision of a dream business to life.  Attract ready-to-pay clients with simple marketing structures that grow with you and your business. We are all about building a sustainable, abundant, and expansive business that feels authentic and aligned to you - not one from force, grind and burnout.

Deep Personal Development Starseed Academy coach Training


The specialness of our program is not only in receiving high-quality training but high-level mentorship to bring the essence of you to the forefront. We believe the success of your business and you as a coach comes from bringing your truth and authenticity to the forefront. For that, we offer additional business mentorship inside and outside your coach training program so that you will be supported through any blocks  that arise to being a successful coach.

Conscious Marketing Starseed Academy Coach Training



Starseed Academy offers the gold standard in coach training and education as it integrates high-level coach skill training, developing spiritual gifts, safe ground for deep personal exploration, and a refreshing, conscious take on marketing so that you are building a successful coaching practice from alignment and not burnout.

Our High-Level Spiritual Coach Training Program is ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited for 80 hours of coach-specific training and education and we support you in attaining an ACC credential.


The quality of training is of the highest caliber in the coaching profession as you will learn from me and other ICF Accredited Instructors running their own six-figure plus coaching businesses. The tools and techniques you will learn are proven to create exponential results and transformations for yourself and your clients.

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What Our Spiritual Coaches are Saying

"Attending Starseed Academy and working with Minerva has added value to my life and by proxy, my clients. My interaction with them has leveled up... Coaching afforded me more of an opportunity to empower clients in a different and refined way.
Minerva's coaching certification program and her skills as a coach added cohesiveness to my skills. I learned to be a better listener and challenge myself. The tools given are tools l can use with myself and my clients.    

Starseed Academy and Minerva are structured in such a way you almost immediately get to practice what you learn through peer coaching.  The wisdom gained from Minerva is invaluable.  I also loved the spiritual component of this coaching program that expanded beyond life coaching.

Minerva gave 110%.  She lives what she teaches.  I am glad that l said yes and that she saw what was possible for and in me.  I had a few hiccups and she supported me through them. I will work with her again and she comes HIGHLY recommended by me."

- Tresa Simmons -


  • How to show up as a confident coach others trust and desire to work with

  • How to utilize your unique spiritual gifts that bring freshness to every session and put your mark in the coaching world

  • Activating and building your business in alignment with your soul's mission

  • How to handle and incorporate different modalities with spiritual coaching

  • How to conduct a powerful coaching session that leads to progress and exponential growth in every session and what to do when sessions steer off track

  • 13 Core Coaching Skills to feel solid in your abilities as a coach and empower clients to create real change in their lives

  • How to balance structure, flow, and intuition in your sessions to ensure your clients are seeing results and you're not feeling pressured or stiff

  • How to conduct an Intro & Deep Dive Session to sign on clients long term, and if adding this to your business is right for you

  • How to empower clients to choose goals in alignment with them and maximize their chances of achievement

  • In-class coaching practice with direct feedback and support from your ICF-Accredited Instructor

  • 20+ Transformation Spiritual Tools and techniques to create powerful and potent shifts in your clients' lives

  • 10 Powerful Life Coaching Tools to be a well-rounded coach in creating significant changes in your client's mindset, emotions, actions, behaviors, and energetics

  • Support with your unique blocks around perfectionism, fear, selling, pricing, and more; and clear them to create space for soulmate clients ready to work with you 

  • Discover your aligned marketing approach so that you are building business your way and not from an outdated, one-size-fits-all strategy.

  • Clarity on your ideal clients, who you are here to serve, and services that will magnetize them with ease

  • How to price your services so that you are receiving payments effortlessly

  • Learn simple business models to uphold a sustainable business in the long run that is also flexible with your evolution as a coach and your client's growth 

  • Discover your Human Design and apply it to build your business with ease, and not force and burnout

  • Learn the updated ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics; as well as hands-on practice deepening each skill​​

  • Preparation for your ICF accreditation for your ACC (Associate Certified Coach) - OPTIONAL


Registration is open for our next cohort starting



  • 2hr classes for up to 30 weeks, Online via Zoom

  • Day and evening class options are available

Lead Instructors: Minerva Maharajh, PCC and Julian Crosson-Hill, ACC

Total 8 Spots Available Per Cohort | Program Only Runs 3-4 x year |

Serious Applicants Only


Early Bird $5000 USD | $6650 CAD Full Payment

REGULAR $6000 USD | $8000 CAD as of June 1st, 2024

Early Bird Payment Plan Options Listed below:

To make our certification program more accessible, we offer affordable payment plans.






$1690 USD per month

$858 USD per month

$580 USD per month

$440 USD per month






$2040 CAD per month

$1133 CAD per month

$763 CAD per month

$580 CAD per month

For convenience, the prices listed above are in USD and CAD | You may request invoices to be sent in CAD or USD | Tuition includes a $1500 USD non-refundable deposit

There are NO refunds/transfers once registered and classes resume.

Prices are subject to change without notice.


Our certification coach training program currently runs 3-4 x a year, one time a week for 25-30 classes depending on how many students are accepted into one cohort (max 8 students).

23+ Live Classes (2hrs each, Online via Zoom)

46 hours of Real-Time/Live Instruction

+ 27 hours of Asynchronous/Independent Study time for a total of 73 ICF accredited -coach-specific education hours for our High-Level Spiritual Coach Training Certification Program.

For an additional 7 hours of ICF coach-specific education hours, you will partake in our group ICF Mentor Coaching taking you to a total of 80 ICF accredited coach-specific education hours when you complete our program. See 'ICF Group Mento Coaching' for more.

(Valued at $6000)

ICF Group Mentor Coaching

Receive 7 group mentor-coaching hours that go towards your 10 hours of ICF mentorship hours. Strengthen your coaching skills and your understanding of the ICF core competencies in our live in-depth practice sessions following your core coach training.

Optional - Choose our "Completion Package" if you choose to pursue your ACC (Associate Certified Coach) with the ICF. Receive 3 private mentor sessions to complete your 10 hours ICF Mentorship + Performance Evaluation *Additional cost*

(Valued at $2000)

Unlimited Group Support 

On a private app, ask your ICF-Accredited Instructor any questions you have about coaching, clients, or business, and receive a direct message back with tailor-made guidance throughout your program as you are starting your practice and building your clientele.

(Valued at $3000)

VIP All-Access Pass


VIP Access to all live and recorded masterclasses offered by Starseed Academy to support you in building a thriving spiritual coaching practice.

Learn from our Director, Minerva Maharajh and other Instructors with successful practices .*Certain conditions apply.

(Value $3333)

Lifetime Access


Access to your own online portal to access class recordings videos, audios and materials including a digital Copy of Starseed Academy Coach Training to use for your personal coaching practice.

(Valued at $1500)

Community Support

Join our private Starseed Facebook Alumni Group for continued support, celebration and guidance after training is complete



More about the ICF and additional accreditation

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) sets the gold standard for the coaching industry. Starseed Academy Coach Training is accredited by the ICF and trains our students in alignment with the code of ethics and core competencies to develop strong coaches and uphold a strong standard in the industry.

The ICF offers additional accreditations in addition to the certification you will receive through Starseed Academy. Our High-Level Spiritual Coach Training Certification Program is focused on developing a solid foundation in your coaching skills so that you are coaching at or above the ACC (Associate Certified Coach) level, Level 1 for the ICF. As well as foster a solid platform within your mindset, energy, and business strategies so that you are equipped to run a sustainable and profitable business in the long run.


Those interested in pursuing an additional credential through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) will receive 7 hours of group mentoring that will go towards the required 10 hours of mentor coaching


Those interested in completing the mentor coaching and applying for their Associate Certified Coach (ACC) accreditation through the ICF will have to complete 3 private mentoring sessions/hours and complete a performance evaluation at an additional cost.


All mentor coaching will be conducted by an ICF Accredited Instructor in good standing with a PCC or MCC credential.

Image by Helena Lopes



Wednesday or Thursday at 12pm-2pm EST

2hr classes for up to 30 weeks, Online via Zoom


Early Bird $5000 USD | $6650 CAD until June 1st

$6000 USD | $8000 CAD regular 

3-12 month payment plans available


Minerva Maharajh, PCC


Julian Crosson-Hill, ACC