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Starseed Academy is quickly expanding and we are looking for instructors to add to our high-vibe faculty. If Starseed’s mission and values aligns with yours and you have a divine calling to be a teacher/guide, please see the details below to apply for a spot on our faculty:

Requirements to apply:

  • In business as certified spiritual coach for 2-3 years or more

  • Achieved an ICF credential of ACC or higher

  • Gone through the Starseed Academy spiritual coach training or another professional spiritual coach training program



If accepted onto our faculty, each instructor is required to go through the following teacher training:

  • Enroll in a 3-6 month Starseed spiritual coaching training program, if not a previous graduate

  • Or, shadow one of our veteran instructors if already completed the Starseed Academy Training

  • Meet weekly or bi-weekly with a veteran instructor to prepare to teach your own class

  • Have audio recordings reviewed by the veteran instructor for feedback


Please note: Teaching positions are paid but teacher training is not.



To apply, please send the following information:

  • Cover letter as to why you want to join our faculty

  • Resume

  • Human Design Chart (if available)

  • Contact information

Please send your cover letter, resume and human design chart (if available) to

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