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The Real on Running a Spiritual Coaching Biz


An honest look behind the scenes of building and running a successful spiritual coaching business. Starseed coaches Minerva Maharajh and Julian Crosson-Hill offer real insight into the reality of running a spiritual business from money, marketing, operations, personal blocks, human design & more! This is a 17-part video series covering: • A quick welcome & overview • An introduction to your instructors - who are we to offer advice? • Answering the call of becoming a Spiritual Coach • What does it look like to run a Spiritual Business? • Avoiding burnout when running your business • What is success to YOU? • Experiencing imposter syndrome • How to deal with comparison • The day-to-day of running a spiritual business • When to hire an assistant • Balancing masculine & feminine energies while building your business • The struggles of marketing & how Human Design can help • Should you leave your day job? • How much money did you make in your first year and beyond? • Are coaches really making money or are they in debt? • What does it take to find consistent clients? • Last words

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