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Raising the consciousness of the world by raising high-level spiritual coaches with life-transforming skills, unstoppable confidence, and a conscious marketing approach so that they can serve on a higher level and enjoy a successful and profitable business!


Starseed Academy's High-Level Spiritual Coach Training Certification Program is accredited by the ICF for 80 hours of coach-specific education and training.



Certified Spiritual Life Coach and ICF Accredited Professional Certified Coach, Minerva Maharajh answered a divine calling to open a spiritual coaching school, Starseed Academy, to train soul-centered beings to become high-level spiritual coaches.


She created this spiritual life coaching school because she noticed talented, aspiring full-time coaches lack the confidence and business, marketing, and coaching skills, to run successful, profitable, and sustainable businesses. 

Starseed Academy offers the gold standard in coach training and education as it integrates high-level coach skill training, developing spiritual gifts, safe ground for deep personal exploration, and a refreshing, conscious take on marketing so that you are building a successful coaching practice from alignment and not burnout.


Our High-Level Spiritual Coach Training Program is ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited for 80 hours of coach-specific training and education and we support you in attaining an ACC credential.


The quality of training is of the highest caliber in the coaching profession as you will learn from ICF Accredited Instructors running their own successful coaching businesses and tools and techniques taught are proven to create exponential results and transformations for clients worldwide.


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You have been through a huge spiritual transformation and you want to help others experience the same.

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You are formally trained but ready to uplevel your skills, confidence, and income to run a sustainable business.

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You are committed to becoming a master in your trade and ready to level up personally & professionally


Our ICF Accredited High-Level Spiritual Coach Training Certification Program was created by Certified Spiritual Life Coach and ICF Accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Minerva Maharajh to support soul-centered beings in becoming high-level spiritual coaches who are ready to make a deep impact in their clients' lives and enjoy successful and sustainable businesses. Our coach certification program includes these 3 pillars:

Learn a variety of high-level spiritual tools and techniques that are proven to transform your clients' lives in exponential time.  Learn how to conduct a powerful coaching experience every time that perfectly balances structure and your spiritual gifts.

High-Level Coaching Skills. Starseed Academy Coach Training


“You cannot take your clients any deeper than you’ve been yourself” - Rich Litvin

In an intimate sacred container, gain support as you explore your hidden blocks on money, self-worth, imposter syndrome, and anything else standing in the way of facilitating powerful transformations and running a successful coaching practice.

Deep Personal Development Starseed Academy coach Training


Learn our unique conscious approach to marketing and building a profitable business from energetic alignment!  Sign on soulmate clients from a place of integrity and authenticity without having to do things that feel out of alignment or draining for you.  Our approach is proven to attract soulmate clients with ease without ever having to chase them and build a thriving practice.

Conscious Marketing Starseed Academy Coach Training


Image by Ashley Whitlatch

- Tresa Simmons -

"Attending Starseed Academy and working with Minerva has added value to my life and by proxy my clients.  My interaction with them has leveled up.  I have been a social worker since 2006.  I've counseled clients officially and unofficially and l absolutely love it.  However, l saw how coaching afforded me more of an opportunity to empower clients in a different and refined way.

Minerva was recommended by a sister-friend.  She was exactly what l needed but did not know it.  About 2 years or so ago, l had a mental shift that looked like a mental breakdown.  Unbeknownst to me, l had been trying to save women and do for them what they had the power to do for themselves.  I had more often than not tried to work with them from a wounded space rather than being in partnership to see them as a whole and complete finding their way back to themselves.  I almost gave up but l didn't.  I started meeting the women differently.  

YET, there were pieces still missing.  Minerva's coaching certification program and her skills as a coach added cohesiveness to my skills.  I learned to be a better listener and challenge myself.  The tools given are tools l can use with myself and my clients.  I learned the difference between coaching, counseling, therapy, etc.  There is a difference that matters.  

Starseed Academy and Minerva are structured in such a way you almost immediately get to practice what you learn through peer coaching.  The wisdom gained from Minerva is invaluable.  I also loved the spiritual component of this coaching program that expanded beyond life coaching.

Minerva gave 110%.  She lives what she teaches.  I am glad that l said yes and that she saw what was possible for and in me.  I had a few hiccups and she supported me through them. I will work with her again and she comes HIGHLY recommended by me."


We truly believe the world would be a better place if everyone had a powerful spiritual coach so we are on a mission to provide the highest caliber in instruction to be home to the world’s best spiritual coaches!

What makes Starseed Academy Spiritual Coach Training Different?


We are a unique spiritual coach training program that teaches high-level coaching skills producing rapid transformations for your clients while honoring your spiritual gifts, supports your deep personal development so that you can show up as the best coach possible; as well as provides a new approach to marketing that is conscious, authentic and proven to create multiple six-figure businesses so that you can build your business without the burnout, forced action, and sacrifices to your soul.

Starseed Academy High-Level Coaching

Here is what you will learn in our spiritual coach training program:

  • How Spiritual Coaching is one of the most powerful styles of coaching and how to integrate different modalities

  • 12 Core Coaching Skills to uplevel your structure and let your spiritual gifts shine

  • A Non-Sales Approach to Sign on Soulmate Clients

  • How to conduct a Powerful Deep Dive Session with clients so they experience breakthroughs from day one!

  • How to help clients set goals aligned to their soul and not ego

  • 11+ Transformational Spiritual Coach Tools & Techniques that are proven to transform lives, overcome blocks, bring deep healing, and manifest desires in exponential time

  • 10 Groundbreaking Life Coaching Tools to guide clients through overcoming blocks on a mental, physical and emotional level for a rounded coach approach

  • How to market your services in an authentic and energetically aligned way so you can build a business of freedom & flow and attract clients without ever having to chase them

  • Your Human Design - Discover who you truly are so that you can learn to make aligned decisions, market from an authentic place, and build a sustainable business without burnout

  • A new and powerful flow of a coaching session that is structured and yet intuitive and has your clients walking away with exceptional results every time! 

  • ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics

  • Mentoring support for any arising scenarios with clients so you show up as a confident pro and avoid headaches down the road

  • Overcome your own personal blocks on visibility, pricing your services, money-making, imposter syndrome, and more.

  • Hands-on coaching experience, in and out of class, to solidify your skills and confidence

  • Discover Your Soulmate Client & How to Attract them with Ease and Flow

  • Your Zone of Genius

  • Your Soul’s Mission


  • Your Core Life Values to ensure you are building a successful business in alignment whether you starting or growing your business

  • How to Price Your Services so that your clients are an automatic "YES!"

  • Our unique Coaching Sales Flow to easily sign on clients and build a loyal community


  • How to create captivating marketing content that speaks to your ideal clients & how to stay consistent

  • How to create multiple streams of revenue and whether to start with 1:1 Coaching or Group Coaching Programs

  • Much more!


Our High-Level Spiritual Coach Training Certification Program is accredited by the ICF for 80 hours of coach-specific training and education.

Our certification coach training program runs for 28 weeks / 2 hrs per class followed by a 10-Week Group Mentoring program and performance evaluation to support you in attaining your ICF ACC credential.

There is a total of 58 hours of Real-Time/Live Instruction + 22 hours of Asynchronous/Independent Study time for a total of 80 Program hours for our High-Level Spiritual Coach Training Certification Program.

The 10-Week ICF Mentorship program includes 10 classes at 2 hours each that delves deeper into the ICF core competencies, and each participant will coach live and receive direct feedback from their ICF accredited mentor.


The focus is to refine and expand your coaching skills to ensure you are coaching at and above the ACC (Associate Certified Coach) level. 7 Hours will be counted towards group mentoring and 3 hours will be reserved for private mentoring with your ICF Accredited Instructor with a PCC or MCC credential. A performance evaluation will follow the 10-hours of mentorship.

To maintain an intimate container and high-touch support for our students
we only accept 8 students per cohort on an application and interview basis only.

Once a student successfully completes the requirements of the High-Level Spiritual Coach Training Program of attending all classes, journaling/assignments, readings, peer coaching, practice clients, in-class and online exam, they will become a Certified Spiritual Coach through Starseed Academy Coach Training Inc.

When a student has successfully completed the ICF requirements of a minimum of 60 hours of coach-specific education hours (Starseed's Coach Certification Program is accredited for 80 hrs), 100 coach experience hours, 10 mentoring hours, and a Performance Evaluation they will receive a Level 1 - ACC Level Certificate through Starseed Academy. They may then choose to apply for their ACC through the ICF by filling out an application, submitting their Level 1 Certificate, and taking an online Coach Knowledge Assessment Test. The ICF will then evaluate and accredit coaches with an ACC (Associate Certified Coach).

We follow the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics and you will be trained by an ICF Accredited Coach with years of experience running their own successful coaching business.

Apply to join our next cohort today! We currently only offer this course 1-2x per year - Don't miss out!



Julian Crosson-Hill | Priest of Inanna:

Rosalyn Kincaid | Soul Healing with Roz:

Jordiana Chevalier | Journey Thru the Darkness: @journeythruthedarkness

Upcoming Dates 6-month Spiritual Coach Training Program


High-Level Spiritual Coach Training Program (Online)


NEXT START DATE: May 11th, 2022

Online via Zoom every Wednesday at 8-10 pm EST

 for 38 classes

Lead Instructor: Minerva Maharajh, PCC


  • 28 Week High-Level Spiritual Coach Training Certification Program (Live Online Class Instruction)


  • 10 Week Group Mentoring Coaching Program


  • 3 Private Mentor Coaching Sessions

  • 1 Performance Evaluation

  • 1 Year Business Support - Includes During + 4 Months After Training - Ask your Instructor any questions about clients, marketing, techniques, and building your practice

  • Starseed Academy Transformational Tools & Techniques Manual (Digital Copy)

  • Private Online Student Portal for lifetime access to class recordings, audio/videos, and other resources to support your growing business

  • Exclusive Facebook Alumni Group to be a part of our community and receive extra support after training is complete

Starseed Academy High-level Coach training testimonials

What Our Spiritual Coaches are Saying

"After completing Starseed Academy Coach Training, I felt much more confident to lead a coaching session with my clients that would take them deeper to find the answers, insights, and resolutions that they wanted without me having to give the answers away. I felt that I could use my natural abilities and my personality to create a safe space for my clients to do their work."


$11,111 CAD Full Payment

Payment Plans Available 

All payment plans require a $3500 CAD deposit. Choose from the following plans:

NEXT START DATE: May 11th 2022

Apply for your spot today to become a High-Level Certified Spiritual Coach!

Prices are subject to change at any time without notice.




$2562 per month

$1294 per month

$870 per month

You will learn powerful and exponential tools & techniques developed by Starseed Academy's Director and Professional Certified Coach that are proven to create powerful changes and transformations in clients' lives, income, business, career, relationships, sense of self, manifesting desires, and more! You will also engage in deep personal development to clear, heal, and transform your personal blocks so that you show up as a highly conscious coach able to facilitate powerful experiences for your clients and build a sustainable and profitable business you can enjoy for years to come.

What would life be like if...

You followed your soul yearning for a fulfilling career? 

You nurtured your spiritual gifts, confidence, and skills to facilitate powerful transformations for others?

You received abundantly without guilt and from consistent clients who light you up?

How would that change your world?  How would that change others' worlds?


This is what brought you to Starseed Academy!

You are meant to become a Certified High-Level Spiritual Coach to satisfy your mission to make a high-level impact on the world!


For additional questions, please contact our office by calling 888-203 2226 or by emailing us below.

Thanks for contacting us!

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