Fulfill a mission greater than you!

Did you always feel you were here for a mission greater than yourself?

I remember being a little girl looking up to the sky and asking "Why am I here?".

I would almost immediately get this intense sense that I am here for a great mission.

A mission greater than me.

Allowing this to lead me, and inform me when I was "off track", unfolded into me living out my mission in my own successful coaching business and coaching school to help other souls who feel the same.

Little did I know, I was a Starseed. And so are you...

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Welcome Home, Starseeds!

  • You have always felt like you don't belong

  • You have always sensed you are here for a greater purpose

  • You have always been told you're an old soul full of wisdom from an early age


  • You have always had a deep desire to heal and change lives but never knew exactly how that would unfold

  • You have always had this light within that cannot be contained no matter what anyone or anything said

You are now ready to step fully into your mission this is why you were put on this earth.

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For me, I always knew there was more.

  • I had a successful career in film & television as a dancer and actress but had a sinking feeling this wasn't the path for me after a 20-year pursuit.  I made a complete career change into spiritual life coaching and have never looked back

  • Started my coaching business and experienced no to low client months, then eventually $5K-$8K months and now consistent five-figure months

  • I was teaching at a coaching institute but started to feel drained especially when I was seeing many spiritual coaches not fully living up to their potential. Now I run my own coaching school where our coaches are living out their missions, changing lives, and receiving abundant & sustainable incomes

My mission is to show you how to achieve the impossible and fulfill your larger-than-life purpose. I am living proof!

  • I run my own successful coaching practice where I work with incredible soulmate clients helping them achieve a life of their dreams

  •  I am the Founder & Director of our coaching school, Starseed Academy where I help coaches fulfill their soul's mission

  • I am a Mom of 2 beautiful children + 1 doggie

  • I work 20 hour weeks

  • I receive consistent five-figure months

  • I have plenty of date nights with the Hubby

  • I have a daily practice connecting to Source Energy

  • I enjoy plenty of  me-time doing things that fill my soul

  • I love fun weekends away or at home with my family

  • I take a day off or weekend to myself to just write, be with nature or have alone time

To order to live out my mission and run 2 successful businesses, I had to:

Work on refining and elevating my coaching skills to coach with confidence and be equipped with techniques & tools that actually change lives

Find an aligned way to market my services and businesses that feels easy and effortless in order to show up consistently and sell my services with ease

 Clear blocks stopping me from living in alignment with my mission and showing up as a powerful leader that facilitates transformations for others


The more I lived in alignment with my soul's mission the more I received in terms of clients, income, time, energy, opportunities, and divine creations. 

I always knew in my core that when I achieved fluidity in my coaching business I would create a coaching school that helps others do the same, in less time, with the most support possible. I wanted to create a home where Starseeds can live out their soul's mission - a mission that feels greater than ourselves - with the most success possible.

Starseed Academy is a full-service school that offers an ICF- Accredited High-Level Spiritual Coach Certification Program. Our program includes high-level coach training so that you can facilitate powerful transformations and change lives, personal support to raise the consciousness within so that you can show up as a powerful healer & leader, and aligned marketing strategies to attract clients with ease, create a sustainable living by living out your mission & raising the consciousness of the collective for years to come.

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High-Level Spiritual Coach Training Certification Program


Our ICF Accredited High-Level Spiritual Coach Training Certification Program focuses on 3 core pillars to ensure you are living in alignment with your soul's mission and creating a sustainable business.

Learn how to utilize your spiritual gifts along with a variety of high-frequency spiritual tools and techniques that are proven to transform your clients' lives in exponential time.  Walk away with the confidence and skills to lead powerful coaching sessions that will have your clients returning for more.

High-Level Coaching Skills. Starseed Academy Coach Training


When you grow, your business grows.

In a safe & sacred container, receive high-level personal support as you explore your hidden blocks standing in the way of fulfilling your mission, receiving clients & compensation, changing lives, shining your light,  and showing up authentically. When you raise the consciousness within you naturally raise the consciousness of your clients and the collective.

Deep Personal Development Starseed Academy coach Training


Learn how to sell without ever feeling like you are selling! We teach you aligned marketing strategies so that you are getting your message and healing abilities out there consistently, easily, and confidently. Attract soulmate clients with ease without ever having to chase them or engage in inauthentic practices.

Conscious Marketing Starseed Academy Coach Training


- Tresa Simmons -


Starseed Academy offers the gold standard in coach training and education as it integrates high-level coach skill training, developing spiritual gifts, safe ground for deep personal exploration, and a refreshing, conscious take on marketing so that you are building a successful coaching practice from alignment and not burnout.

Our High-Level Spiritual Coach Training Program is ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited for 80 hours of coach-specific training and education and we support you in attaining an ACC credential.


The quality of training is of the highest caliber in the coaching profession as you will learn from me and other ICF Accredited Instructors running their own six-figure plus coaching businesses. The tools and techniques you will learn are proven to create exponential results and transformations for yourself and your clients.

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What Our Spiritual Coaches are Saying

"Attending Starseed Academy and working with Minerva has added value to my ife and by proxy my clients. My interatction with them has leveled up... Coaching afforded me more of an opportunity to empower clients in a different and refined way.
Minerva's coaching certification program and her skills as a coach added cohesiveness to my skills. I learned to be a better listener and challenge myself. The tools given are tools l can use with myself and my clients.    

Starseed Academy and Minerva are structured in such a way you almost immediately get to practice what you learn through peer coaching.  The wisdom gained from Minerva is invaluable.  I also loved the spiritual component of this coaching program that expanded beyond life coaching.

Minerva gave 110%.  She lives what she teaches.  I am glad that l said yes and that she saw what was possible for and in me.  I had a few hiccups and she supported me through them. I will work with her again and she comes HIGHLY recommended by me."

- Tresa Simmons -


Our certification coach training program runs for 28 weeks followed by a 10-Week Group Mentoring program for a total of 38 weeks (2 hours per class) and includes 1-year business mentoring support.


1-year Group Business Coaching & Marketing Support

58 hours of Real-Time/Live Instruction


+ 22 hours of Asynchronous/Independent Study time for a total of 80 Program hours for our High-Level Spiritual Coach Training Certification Program.

10-Week ICF Mentorship Program

Includes 10 classes at 2 hours each that delve deeper into the ICF core competencies, and each participant will coach live and receive direct feedback from their ICF accredited mentor.

3 Private Mentor Coaching Sessions


+ 1 Performance Evaluation in preparation for your ICF-ACC designation (Optional)

Lifetime Access


Digital Copy of Starseed Academy Coach Training Manual and lifetime access to class recordings and resources.

Join the Community

Exclusive Facebook Alumni Group to be a part of our community and receive extra support after training is complete 

The focus of our High-Level Spiritual Coach Training Certification Program is to refine and expand your coaching skills to ensure you are coaching at and above the ACC (Associate Certified Coach) level, living in alignment with your mission, showing up as a powerful leader, and equipped with the skills to run a sustainable business. 


For those interested in pursuing an additional credential through the International Coaching Federation, you will receive 7 hours of group mentoring, 3 hours of private mentoring to complete the required 10-hours of mentorship, and a performance evaluation with an ICF Accredited Instructor with a PCC or MCC credential.

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Left their full-time jobs to start their own sustainable businesses


  • How to show up as a confident leader and coach

  • How to recognize and utilize your unique gifts as a spiritual coach

  • Clarity on your soul's mission and what you've been put on this earth to do

  • How to handle and switch between different modalities

  • 12 Core Coaching Skills to create exponential results in your coaching sessions

  • How to balance structure with a natural, intuitive flow in your coaching sessions

  • How to conduct an Intro & Deep Dive Session, and if adding this to your business is right for you

  • How to guide clients to choose goals that are aligned with their soul and ego, and ensure their success in achieving them

  • How to conduct a coaching conversation that leads to growth and progress in every session

  • Live coaching practice in class with direct feedback and support to refine your skills

  • 11+ Transformation Spiritual Tools & Techniques that create powerful shifts and transformations for your clients​​

  • 10 Powerful Life Coaching Tools to create significant changes in your client's mindset, emotions, actions, behaviors, energetic self and catapult them towards their desired goals​​

  • Uncover your unique blocks that are keeping clients, income, and marketing from coming to you with ease, and receive group & personal coaching support to overcome this 

  • Discover the aligned marketing strategy that will not leave you burnout but showing up excitedly, consistently, and serving (selling) with ease - become a magnet for your clients coming to you with easy, effortless energy 

  • Get clear on who you are here to serve and create irresistible offers that will have them screaming YES

  • Pricing your services in a way that feels aligned to you and attracts ready-to-pay clients - never wonder where your next paying client is coming from

  • Create a clear business structure that will have consistent flow into your business​

  • Learn about your Human Design and who you came here to be

  • Learn the updated ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics; as well as hands-on practice deepening each skill

  • Business mentoring to immediately address any arising situations with clients, business and marketing

  • Preparation for your ICF accreditation for your ACC (Associate Certified Coach) - OPTIONAL

This thorough and comprehensive ICF- accredited coach certification program covers everything from the beginning and growing stages of your coaching business from coaching skills, clients challenges, structuring your business and offers, pricing, marketing strategies, to showing up as the gift you are, to exponential techniques that change lives, to clearing anything standing in your way of living out your soul's mission to the fullest and building a business and life of freedom.

This program will give you everything you need to start and grow your coaching business to the next level through mastering your coaching skills, personal growth, and marketing skills in order to change lives, show up confidently and make an abundant & consistent income.

We follow the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics and you will be trained by me or one of my Starseed ICF Accredited Coaches with years of experience running their own successful coaching practice.


Julian Crosson-Hill | Priest of Inanna: www.priestofinanna.com

Rosalyn Kincaid | Soul Healing with Roz: rozkincaid.com

Jordiana Chevalier | Journey Thru the Darkness: @journeythruthedarkness


High-Level Spiritual Coach Training Program (Online)


Online via Zoom every Wednesday at 8-10 pm EST

 for 38 classes

Lead Instructor: Minerva Maharajh, PCC

Total 8 Spots Available Per Cohort | Program Only Runs 1-2 x a year |

Serious Applicants Only


$8777 USD Full Payment


Payment Plans Available 

All payment plans require a $2500 USD non-refundable deposit. Choose from the following plans:




$2117 USD per month

$1071 USD per month

$722 USD per month

Prices are subject to change at any time without notice.


To maintain a high-touch intimate container for our students
we only accept 8 students per cohort on an application and interview basis only.


Once a student successfully completes the requirements of the High-Level Spiritual Coach Training Program of attending all classes, journaling/assignments, readings, peer coaching, practice clients, in-class and online exam, they will become a Starseed Certified Spiritual Coach and will receive a Level 1 - ACC Level Certificate through Starseed Academy Coach Training Inc.

Our program is accredited by the ICF (International Coaching Federation) for 80 Coach Specific Training Hours + 10 hours of mentorship.


Once the full program is completed by the student, they will have the choice to submit their Level 1 certificate along with the other requirements that Starseed Academy includes in the coach certification program (business support to complete your 100 coach experience hours, 10 hours of ICF mentorship, and 1 performance evaluation) to the ICF to receive an additional designation, Associate Certifed Coach (ACC) accreditation by filling out their application, submitting their Level 1 Certificate, and taking an online Coach Knowledge Assessment Test. Starseed Academy has been accredited to evaluate and approve coaches for their ACC. Students who wish to pursue this additional designation will just be required to submit their application and fees directly to the ICF for final approval of an ACC (Associate Certified Coach)accreditation. This is a much faster and more supported approach than applying directly with the ICF.


For additional questions, please contact our office by calling 888-203 2226 or by emailing us below.

Thanks for contacting us!