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5 Myths about switching careers

It’s common to enter a career and work in it for some time before realizing it no longer excites you. You may feel a calling or pull to do something more meaningful and aligned with your spirituality. If you’re like most people, you’re probably feeling some fear around taking that first step toward a new, more spiritually fulfilling career. It doesn’t help that there are a lot of myths about what it takes to switch careers. Here are 5 of the most common myths about switching careers and why they’re untrue.

It will take too long

There’s a common misconception that preparing for a new career has to take a long time. You might believe that you need to get a different degree or go back to school. That’s often not the case. Spiritual coaching is an example of a spiritually aligned career you can train for quickly. Spiritual coach training typically takes six months to a year. You’ll also gain experience while training to move quickly into your new career.

You’ll be starting over

Another common myth is that switching careers involves completely starting over. You might be hesitant to switch careers because you feel that it will erase all of your career accomplishments. Nothing could be further from the truth. The skills that you have developed during your career will transfer to your new career. There are simply too many skills that all careers have in common. These skills will still be needed in your new career so that you won’t be starting at the bottom again. You must learn to adapt and apply your existing skills to your new work.

It’s too late, or you’re too old

If you’re older, you might wonder if it is too late to change careers. This is a common myth that there’s an age limit to starting a new career. Part of the reason this myth holds on is that people believe the two previous myths that are starting a new career takes a long time and involves starting over. In many careers, especially coaching, there are benefits to be gained from having more life experiences. As a coach, for example, you will often look at your life experiences to find common problems and how you solved them. Then you can guide your clients through similar situations through coaching. Having those life experiences can be helpful and ultimately make you a better coach.

You’ll make considerably less money

It might seem reasonable that if you switch careers, you might make considerably less money. This myth surfaces because people accept that switching careers means starting over, including starting over in pay. It’s not true, however. Many of the skills you developed in your previous career will carry over, which will make you valuable in your new career right away. In some careers, like coaching, your new career will involve running your own business. This means you have much more control over how much money you make. When you have control over your earnings, you can switch careers and make the same amount of money or even more.

You shouldn’t change careers during an economic downturn

A final myth is that you shouldn’t try to change your career during an economic downturn. The idea behind this myth is that your current job provides you with some stability during a downturn. It’s untrue, though, because as many have seen or even experienced themselves, having a job doesn’t guarantee you any additional security. Companies often lay off workers with very little notice or severance. The best way to have economic security is to create it for yourself. That’s one of the reasons that coaching can be an attractive option. Owning a coaching business allows you to create the security you desire while enjoying a career that is spiritually aligned and mission-driven.

If you’ve been holding back from switching careers to find something more meaningful and spiritually fulfilling, like coaching, it might be because you had faulty information. There are a lot of myths and untruths about changing careers. We’ve covered the five most common myths surrounding switching careers and demonstrated why they are untrue. Knowing that they’re myths should help put your mind at ease as you take your next steps.

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