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What it Takes to Become a Spiritual Life Coach

Updated: Feb 23

What it takes to become a life coach

Becoming a spiritual coach is not just about helping people navigate their lives; it is also about embodying your own spiritual principles, stepping into a leadership role, and growing alongside your business. A spiritual coach supports individuals in aligning their lives with their deepest values, personal goals, and spiritual practices. In this complete guide, we will explore what it takes to become a spiritual coach, from identifying your calling to starting and scaling your business, and essential skills needed for running a successful coaching practice.

What is Spiritual Coaching?


Before we dive deeper into the topic, let's understand what spiritual coaching is. The ICF (International Coaching Federation) defines coaching as a thought-provoking and creative process that maximizes an individual's professional and personal potential. When we incorporate spirituality into coaching we offer a holistic approach to personal development that combines spiritual principles and practices with life coaching techniques. The goal of spiritual coaching is to help clients connect with their inner self, co-create with their Higher Power (Source, God, Creative Life Force, Higher Self, whatever is personal to them) live in alignment with their values, and fulfill their spiritual purpose. To learn more about spiritual coaching, read our featured blog posts:

What is a spiritual coach?

Minerva Maharajh | Jul 10 | 4 min read If you are wondering what is a spiritual coach, what they can do, and if you are meant to become one, this post is for you!

The Difference between a Life Coach and Spiritual Coach

Starseed Academy | Mar 8 | 3 min read While both involve helping individuals achieve their goals and find purpose, there are significant differences between the two...

Identifying your calling as a spiritual coach


The first step in becoming a spiritual coach is identifying your calling. It's about using your unique gifts and talents to serve others while staying true to your spiritual values. To help you discover your spiritual calling, start by acknowledging that you are meant to become a spiritual coach. Whether it's a clear calling or a subtle intuition, trust that it's there for a reason. Move forward with clear intentions by declaring it now:

"I am going to answer my calling, change lives, and have an impact by becoming a widely successful spiritual coach"

To help you discover your unique calling, we recommend trying out the Uncover Your Soul's Mission Meditation and "Discover Your Unique Calling" an interview between Starseed Coach Julian Crosson-Hill and Starseed founder Minerva Maharjh:

Uncover Your Souls Mission Meditation:

Discover Your Unique Calling with Julian Crosson-Hill:

After listening to these clips you should have a deeper understanding of:

  • Why you were put on this earth

  • Who you are here to serve

  • How you are meant to do that

  • Next steps to fulfilling your mission

Amplify your spiritual gifts

While this energy is fresh in your body and mind why not start taking action today with our FREE WORKBOOK "Amplify Your Spiritual Gifts"

Want more resources? Try these...

How to Live in Alignment with your Unique Calling

Starseed Academy | Jun 7 | 4 min read What can you do to discover your own unique calling?

4 Mindset Shifts you Need to Step into your Unique Calling and Build a Spiritual Business.

Spiritual Coach Certification:


While it is not a legal requirement, getting certified as a spiritual coach is an important step toward building credibility and trust with your clients. While being certified doesn't automatically make you a trustworthy or effective coach, it does provide a platform for growth and ensures that you have the skills and knowledge needed to guide your clients towards transformation.

Through a certified spiritual coach certification program, you'll learn key coaching skills, such as how to facilitate powerful transformations, deal with clients in different scenarios, and build your confidence. In addition, you'll learn core business skills and receive ongoing marketing and business mentorship and support. when you train with Starseed Academy Coach Training.

Now that you know it is your purpose to become a spiritual life coach - the next step is becoming one. You're at a point in the journey that can feel daunting and let's be honest - overwhelming. The research begins and endless options appear. Let's break this down for you into simple steps.

These are the exact steps that our director Minerva Maharajh took to become a successful spiritual coach → HERE.

To learn more about how long it takes to become a coach, how to find life coach certification online, and whether life coach training is worth it, check out our featured blog posts on the topic:

How long does it take to become a life coach?

Once you’ve made the decision to move into the coaching profession, you may be asking yourself: How long does actually take?

What to know about getting a life coach certification online

What to know about getting a life coach certification online

There's a number of things to consider about becoming a life coach but the biggest one is how you'll get trained.

But is life coach training a valuable investment? While there's no official regulation, the benefits are compelling. Gain essential coaching skills, foster a professional network, and boost your credibility. Plus, increase your earnings and influence.

These are our thoughts on whether life coach training is really worth it:

Is Life Coach Training Worth It? A Comprehensive Guide for Aspiring Coaches

Costs of Starting a Coaching Business:


Starting a coaching business requires a financial investment, but it's essential to consider the costs and make a plan for your business's sustainability. Check out our How Much Does it Cost to Start a Spiritual Life Coaching Business blog post to help you get started.

How much does it cost to start a life coaching business?

As with any business venture, it's important to have a clear understanding of the financial investment required to get started.

What it looks like to run a spiritual coaching business:


Delve into a candid conversation about what it truly takes to run a spiritual coaching business. In this insightful video clip, Julian and Minerva, two experienced spiritual coaches from Starseed Academy, share their reflections on the journey of running their own practices.

Embarking on the journey of running a spiritual coaching practice unveils a myriad of challenges and rewards. Running a spiritual business transcends conventional corporate structures, inviting practitioners to embrace authenticity as they bring their work out into the world.

Delve into a candid conversation about what it truly takes to run a spiritual coaching business. In this insightful video clip, Julian and Minerva, two experienced spiritual coaches from Starseed Academy, share their reflections on the journey of running their own practices.

Want to learn more? Here's an exclusive peak behind the curtain of running a spiritual coaching practice:

Don't take our word for it! Our students have gone on to create their own success stories - hear from them personally below:

Essential Coaching Skills:


To become a successful spiritual coach, you need to develop essential skills in order to facilitate a safe space for your clients to have those magical breakthrough moments, Aha's, and transformations.

That being said, the best possible care of your clients all starts with taking care of yourself.

7 Need-to-Know Coaching Skills

7 Need-to-Know Coaching Skills

Becoming a successful life coach requires you to master a number of skills. Check out this blog post to discover what they are and where to begin

The first skill you need to master is self-care.

In order to show up fully in all your strength there is a hierarchy of needs that a coach needs to fulfill in order to serve on a higher level.

Learn what these levels are and start showing up as your BEST coach yet:

This podcast episode covers:

  • Actionable steps to building a sustainable business that is in alignment with your soul's mission

  • Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

  • The hierarchy of needs when becoming the best version of yourself so that you are able to serve on a higher level

  • Why you have to return to basics - even if you are an experienced coach

  • Creating from the soul over the ego and why this matters if you want an abundant business

  • The level of safety and security you need to have in order to build a stable and secure business


In the realm of spiritual entrepreneurship, sufficiency (the concept of having, doing, and being enough) holds remarkable power. It's the pivot from scarcity, unlocking confidence and effectiveness. Sufficiency isn't about excess—it's the point of "enough."

As a spiritual entrepreneur, sufficiency comes alive in four dimensions: having, doing, knowing, and being.

Listen to Starseed Academy lecturer Julian Crosson-Hill as he explains how tapping into your sufficiency can help you reclaim your confidence as a coach and break through your scarcity mindset:

Embody the 6 Levels of Being

Embarking on the journey to become a spiritual life coach involves honing a set of essential skills that go beyond mere guidance; they encompass the art of transformation. One crucial aspect of this transformative journey is delving into the "6 Levels of Being" — a profound exploration that lays the foundation for embodying your next-level reality.

Watch the video below to gain insights into the qualities that pave the way for your transformation. As a spiritual life coach, understanding and embodying these 6 levels is not just a skill; it's a paradigm shift. By delving into this exploration, you'll discover how aligning with your next-level self profoundly influences the reality you create.

Discover how to Be Significant & Have a Significant Impact

Becoming a spiritual life coach isn't just about guiding others; it's about tapping into your own significance and making a profound impact. At Starseed Academy, we pride ourselves on guiding you toward a deeper understanding of your innate significance and how to channel it into making a lasting difference.

If you're ready to remember and step deeper into the truth of who you are, eager to make a greater difference in your life and the lives of others, this episode is a powerful resource. Embrace the realization that significance is not an external pursuit; it's an internal recognition that fuels your ability to guide others toward their own transformative journeys.

Stepping into Spiritual Leadership

Your journey is not just about entrepreneurship—it's a sacred path of spiritual leadership and catalyzing change - are you prepared to rise to the occasion?

To grow as a spiritual business leader, consider how you embody leadership in various spheres of your life – within your community, in your spiritual practice, professionally, and at home. Reflect on the following questions:

  • Are you inspiring those around you?

  • Do you lead by example?

  • Do others feel safe in your presence?

In a world already saturated with ineffective leadership, it's crucial to fill the void with authenticity and integrity.

In this insightful podcast episode, Julian Crosson-Hill (Starseed Academy coach) unravels the essential aspects of growing as a spiritual business leader and shares the lessons he has learned over 24 years in various roles as a leader within both his profession and my community.

Scaling your coaching business:


Once you have established your coaching practice, you can scale your business to reach more clients and have a greater impact aligned with your souls purpose. Transitioning from striving to thriving necessitates a holistic approach, integrating both inner alignment and practical strategies.

REMEMBER- as your business grows so should you. There are a few key factors you'll need to have in place to discover what it takes to become a spiritual life coach at a successful level.

  • Ensure your coaching practice is deeply rooted in your soul's mission, igniting your passion and resonating with your authentic purpose. This foundational alignment serves as a guiding light, directing your business decisions and attracting clients and opportunities aligned with your vision.

  • Prioritize energetic alignment in all aspects of your business. Take inventory of activities that invigorate you versus those that drain your energy, and streamline your efforts accordingly. Operating from a higher frequency enables you to make aligned decisions, receive divine guidance, and serve your clients more effectively.

  • Engage in deep personal work to identify and release any limiting beliefs or blocks hindering your success and abundance. By clearing these inner barriers, you create space for exponential growth and expansion in your coaching practice.

Check out our Take Your Coaching Biz to Six Figures and Successful vs. Struggling Spiritual Coach blog posts to help you take your business to the next level.

How to take your coaching business to six-figures

How to take your coaching business to six-figures

You desire to become a life coach. You've got the vision but you're not quite hitting the 6-figure mark yet. Things need to shift to break through this barrier and welcome the financial reward that you deserve!

The Difference Between Successful and Struggling Spiritual Life Coaches

The Difference Between Successful and Struggling Spiritual Life Coaches

Are you a struggling coach, putting in ALL the hours but still barely booking clients that stick around?

The process of nurturing your own spiritual practice is going to be tough at times, requiring you to dig deep, look inward, and find the courage, strength, and compassion for yourself. At times this can feel overwhelming and overbearing - so what do you do when you feel defeated and just want to quit?

First, take a second to recognize that you are absolutely NOT alone in this feeling, it's more common than you might realize, and more often than not it is only there to tell you that you are stretching and growing to new levels. You are pushing yourself into the uncomfortable and that is quite simply not easy.

If you can relate to this feeling and are at you wits end within your business go give this Words of Wisdom Podcast episode a listen because we can guarantee it'll make life a little easier for you:

Manifesting can be messy but this is not talked about enough, celebrated, or seen. We encourage all of our Starseed students to address their definition of success and explore what it means to them so that they have a clear vision and direction when building their coaching career.



A 5-step guide to becoming a successful Spiritual Life Coach. In this e-book you will learn:


• 5 Steps that took me from a struggling coach to a six-figure spiritual coach creating powerful transformations with my clients and consistent business

• Your unique definition of success

• Where you are at and where you want to be

• What your strengths and areas of growth are

• How you can uplevel professionally and personally

The Coach Mindset:


To thrive as a spiritual life coach, it's essential to address internal barriers that may hinder client attraction and business success. By aligning your mindset with abundance, worthiness, and authenticity, you can create a fertile ground for growth and transformation in your coaching practice.

Internal obstacles, such as limiting beliefs around money, perfectionism, and imposter syndrome, can deter potential clients and impede business growth. By recognizing and reframing these beliefs, you can shift towards a mindset of abundance and worthiness, allowing prosperity and success to flow effortlessly into your practice.

Remember, your journey as a coach is a process of continual growth and learning. Embrace the journey, acknowledging that personal healing and development benefit both you and your clients. By nurturing a mindset of growth and self-compassion, you can create a supportive environment for yourself and your clients to thrive.

 Insights from Sam Spychalla's journey offer invaluable guidance in shaping this transformative mindset:

At Starseed Academy, we understand the importance of addressing mindset blocks and fostering a supportive coaching environment. Through personalized training, healing, and authentic marketing strategies, we empower coaches to overcome obstacles and attract soul-aligned clients with ease. Explore the Words of Wisdom podcast for valuable tools to help you adopt a mindset rooted in authenticity, devotion, and continuous self-discovery:

Ready to for some homework?

Learn 5 key foundational pieces you need to have in place to build a stable and sustainable coaching business with ICF-Accredited PCC & Director of Education, Minerva Maharajh For new and experienced coaches looking to leave their day job for a more soul-satisfying career. What you will learn in this Masterclass:

  • 5 Foundational Pieces you need to have in place to build a stable and sustainable business

  • A core strategy to help you earn four to five-figure months (and serve for the rest of your coaching career)

  • How to build your business around your ideal lifestyle

  • How to simplify building your business

  • The energy you need to have to build your ideal business

Get your pen & paper ready for all the great takeaways!



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