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How human design can enhance your coaching

When coaching a client, you may sometimes wish for a tool to help you get underneath the issue to the core of your client's authentic being. Human design is just such a tool. Using human design in your coaching allows you to tailor your work to the specific client's energetic needs.

What is human design?

Human Design is a system that combines astrology, the I-Ching, kabbalah, and the chakra system. Developed in 1987 by Ra Uru Hu, human design is a tool for creating a map of your physical form's energetic blueprint. Human design helps you to operate at your maximum potential. A key focus in human design is overcoming conditioning. Conditioning is anything that pulls you away from your authentic self.

How do I use human design in coaching?

Pairing human design with coaching can be a really powerful way to customize your coaching to your client's unique design. Coaching can also be a transformational tool for understanding and overcoming conditioning. The two modalities fit together perfectly.

Coaching by human design type

In human design, there are 5 main energetic types. Each type has a strategy which is the most aligned way for them to make decisions. Knowing your client's type and strategy can help you really laser-focus your coaching sessions in a way that supports their unique makeup.

For example, one human design type is the generator. Generators are designed to respond to things in their environment through their sacral response. Because of this, the open-ended questions that coaches are trained to use can sometimes be difficult for a generator. As a coach, if you know your client is a generator, you can skillfully use a yes or no question occasionally to give your client something to respond to. This can be helpful when your client is stuck or says that they don't know.

Coaching through the conditioning

One way that people experience conditioning is through the open centers in their human design. Openness in each center can create a specific type of conditioning. Knowing your client's human design gives you an awareness of the areas of life in which your client experiences the strongest conditioning. This can be a powerful tool in coaching. Here's an example.

Let's say that you have a client with an open root center. Human design lets you know that an open root center means that your client is most strongly conditioned by the stress and pressure of other people. They may feel a need to hurry up and complete tasks to relieve this pressure. When this client comes to coaching struggling with overwhelm or stress, you can use this understanding to help them tune into whether the pressure they are feeling belongs to them. By asking questions like, "Who's pressure is this?" you can help them focus more on what is authentically them.

Somatics and human design

Somatic coaching is a method of tuning into the body to tap into the wisdom held there. This can be a transformational tool in shifting blocks. Human design also has a somatic element. Because human design provides a blueprint of the energetic nature of our physical form, we can only truly experience our design through tuning into our bodies. Somatic techniques such as EFT or tapping complement human design very well.

For example, projectors have an open sacral center. As a result, they don't have consistent energy available to them. They often struggle to know when enough is enough. When a client has burnout or is chronically tired and overwhelmed, knowing that they are a projector can be helpful. In a coaching session, you can invite them to breathe into their sacral and report what they feel there. This can help them connect to their sacral and understand when they have energy and how much energy they have.

Human design is a potentially transformative tool for coaches. Using human design in coaching can help you better customize your style and other tools to your particular client's unique needs. This makes your coaching more tailored fit to your client and gives them a better experience of your coaching.

Ready to add human design to your coaching, we offer a 10-week human design consultant training that will help you understand human design and how to integrate it into your work.

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