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How to add human design readings to your offerings

Whether you're a spiritual coach or you provide other services, adding human design reading to your offerings can be a great way to grow your business. Human Design is a system that uses astrology, the I-Ching, kabbalah, and the chakra system to provide your client with an energetic blueprint of their physical form. Human design focuses on what makes each of us wonderfully unique. It can help clients connect to their authenticity and understand the influences that pull them away from this authentic core self.

You can offer human design readings as a standalone service, incorporate human design into your coaching, or even create new service offerings that expand on human design readings, such as courses or group coaching programs. Human Design readings provide you with another potential stream of income. Plus, they're fun to do! Here's how to get started adding human design readings to your offerings.

Learn to read human design charts

This one is a little obvious, but if you want to offer human design readings, you're going to need to learn all about human design charts. The human design system is complex with many different layers. You'll need to understand the system to provide readings to your clients. You can acquire the knowledge needed to offer human design readings in two main ways.

First, you can try to learn it on your own. There are many books on human design out there, as well as many YouTube videos. The biggest drawback to this approach is that the various books on human design don't always agree with each other. You'll need some way to navigate the different approaches to human design. As for YouTube videos, many of them are wrong about human design or take considerable liberties in their interpretations of it.

Without already knowing human design, it will be hard to navigate this.

Another way to learn it is to take a training course on human design, such as our human design consultant training. A good training program will teach you everything you need to know to begin reading human design charts and give you the confidence to find your own way of relating to and talking about human design.

Decide what types of readings to offer

Just like a coach has a niche or specialty that they work in, human design readers tend to focus on certain issues. You'll also want to narrow your focus and specialize in your human design readings. Some possibilities include relationships, business, life purpose, or family. Different types of readings will include different pieces of the client's human design and possibly different charts. For example, a relationship reading will focus on the connection chart between 2 people. A business reading might focus on aspects of the Penta. There's also the opportunity to create specialized readings using human design elements relevant to your particular focus.

Regardless of the specialized readings you offer, you'll also want to include some type of "human design beginner" reading. These readings are designed for those new to human design or curious. Typically these readings will focus on the fundamentals of a client's human design, such as type, strategy, and inner authority.

Flesh out your readings

Once you know what types of reading to offer, you'll want to flesh them out. What parts of the client's human design will this reading cover? How long will it be? Will you do these readings in person or virtually? You will want to get clear on what a reading covers and how long it will last. This part is important. Especially when you're new to human design, trying to talk about it all in a reading may be tempting. I've often seen new human design readers go well over the allotted time by bringing in more and more elements of the client's design. Deciding ahead of time what is and isn't out of scope in your reading will help you stay within the bounds of the time you've set.

Price your readings

Finally, decide what you want to charge for your readings. Human design reading varies greatly in price. Don't be tempted to undercut other readers or charge too little. Focus on the value of the client in the reading you are giving. Learning about the areas in life in which their design makes them more likely to be inauthentic or to experience pressures that aren't their own can be quite valuable. Don't undervalue your readings.

Adding human design readings to your offerings can greatly grow your business and add additional revenue. Because you are unique, your readings will be unique. You bring your own life experiences and perspectives to your human design readings.

If adding human design readings to your business sounds like a great idea, you can get started with our human design consultant training.

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