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How to Know If Your Life Purpose is to Become a Spiritual Coach

Life often presents us with opportunities to explore our passions and discover our true calling. For some, the journey leads them to the path of becoming a spiritual coach. If you've ever had that nagging feeling, a gentle whisper, or a powerful inner knowing that you might be destined for this role, it's time to explore the signs and clues that confirm your life purpose as a spiritual coach.

In this blog, we'll delve into the world of spiritual coaching and help you decipher whether it's the path meant for you. We'll explore the role of intuition, inner knowing, life experiences, and other clues that can guide you towards fulfilling your calling as a spiritual coach.

1. The Call of Intuition

Intuition, often referred to as our "sixth sense," plays a pivotal role in helping us discover our true life purpose, especially when it involves spiritual coaching. Here are some ways to determine if your intuition is pointing you in this direction:

  • A Persistent Inner Voice: Do you often find yourself contemplating matters of spirituality and personal growth? If you have an incessant inner voice urging you to share your insights and wisdom with others, it could be your intuition guiding you towards spiritual coaching. It could also mean you have a strong sense or hear a voice that says your path is as a spiritual coach. Just simply close your eyes, go within and ask, "Am I meant to be a spiritual coach?" and trust the guidance that arise.

  • A Deep Connection with Others: Empathy is a key trait for spiritual coaches. If you naturally feel a deep connection with others, a strong desire to help them on their spiritual journeys, and the ability to sense their emotions and needs, your sense of empathy is a powerful spiritual gift that will help you on the path as a spiritual coach.

  • Dreams and Visions: Pay attention to your dreams and visions. Many spiritual coaches report having dreams or visions that offer insights or messages related to their future as a coach. These can be seen as messages from your intuition or even your spiritual guides. For Starseed Academy's School Director, Minerva Maharajh , before she answered her calling as a spiritual life coach, she had multiple dreams and visions of coaching and teaching others at retreats and in a school setting. Low and behold, she became a spiritual coach and runs a signature retreat, Eat Meditate Love and opened Starseed Academy Coach Training in 2021.

2. Inner Knowing: Trusting Your Gut

Perhaps you have a clear inner knowing, that unshakable feeling deep within, is a powerful indicator of your life purpose as a spiritual coach. Here's how to recognize it:

  • Feeling Alignment: When you contemplate becoming a spiritual coach, does it bring a sense of alignment and fulfillment? Does it make you feel expansive, light and free? Those feelings are signs of alignment, what is meant for you and a strong sign that your inner knowing is guiding you in this direction.

  • Excitement and Passion: Think about how you feel when you discuss spiritual topics, personal growth, or helping others find their purpose. Think about how you feel when you are going deep within your spiritual journey. Does it light you up? If you find yourself becoming increasingly passionate, excited, and energized, your inner knowing is likely telling you that this is your path.

  • Peace Amidst Uncertainty: While the decision to become a spiritual coach may be daunting, your inner knowing can provide a sense of peace and confidence, even in the face of uncertainty. This peace is a clear sign that you're on the right track even though it may not make sense to the logical mind. Success was never made off of logic. All successful entrepreneurs and coaches will tell you success was never a straight line. They forged their own path but the thing that kept them going was a deep sense of peace and knowing this was the path they were meant to travel.

3. Life Experiences: Nurturing Your Potential

Life experiences can serve as invaluable teachers and provide clues about your life purpose as a spiritual coach. Consider the following:

  • Personal Transformation: Have you undergone significant personal transformation and growth through spiritual practices, self-reflection, or overcoming life challenges? These experiences have been preparing you to guide others on their spiritual journeys and be a guiding light as you have walked the path before them.

  • Helping Others: Reflect on instances when you've supported friends, family, or colleagues through difficult times. Did you find joy and fulfillment in being a source of guidance and comfort? Such experiences can indicate your potential and gifts as a spiritual coach. Pay close to attention to how you feel when loved ones lean on you and what comes out of your mouth and mind that inspires or lifts them out of their challenges.

  • Inspirational Figures: Think about the people who have inspired you the most. Were they spiritual leaders, motivational speakers, or coaches? The positive experience of such figures in your life could have been a reminder and calling back to who you are and clues that you're meant to follow in their footsteps.

4. Clues from the Universe

In addition to your intuition, inner knowing and life experience pointing you towards the path of becoming a spiritual life coach, the universe offers subtle but powerful signs that you're meant to become a spiritual coach. Here's how to recognize these cosmic clues:

  • Synchronicities: Pay attention to synchronicities in your life—meaningful coincidences that seem to be guiding you. These can come in the form of repeated numbers, unexpected encounters, or serendipitous events related to spiritual coaching. If they light you up, perk your ears or offer a resounding "yes", accept these synchoronicitics as affirming guidance on which way to go.

  • Supportive Circumstances: Notice if circumstances align to support your journey. Are you meeting people who can mentor you in spiritual coaching? Are opportunities arising to learn and grow in this field? These are signs that the universe is conspiring to help you.

  • Signs and Symbols: Keep an eye out for signs and symbols in your daily life. These can be anything from meaningful animals appearing frequently to specific words or phrases that resonate with your path. Normally when signs and symbols show up for you it's because you are an open channel to receive them. If you are looking for a sign, take a moment to set an intention, clear and open your energy and ask a clear question to the Universe for a sign on what your path is. Don't overthink it - just feel and receive it.

5. Desire to Make a Positive Impact

One of the most telling signs that you are meant to become a spiritual coach is the genuine desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others. If you feel a calling to help people connect with their inner selves, find purpose, and navigate their spiritual journeys, it's a clear indication of your purpose.

  • Unwavering Commitment: Are you willing to commit to the continuous growth and learning required to become an effective spiritual coach? The desire to hone your skills and knowledge in this area is a significant clue. If so, our ICF-accredited Level 1 Spiritual Coach Training Course supports you in developing powerful coach training skills as well as the marketing, business and personal development aspects that are required to become a successful spiritual coach.

  • Empowerment Through Service: Consider how you envision your role as a spiritual coach. Do you feel empowered when you are helping, serving or coaching others? If so, this is a strong indicator that you will be effective in empowering others, help them overcome challenges, and find meaning in their lives.

  • Joy in Giving: Reflect on how it makes you feel to offer guidance, support, and wisdom to others. The joy and satisfaction you derive from helping others are undeniable signs that you're meant to become a spiritual coach. We are all here to help and contribute to the planet and this time space reality in some way. If coaching and helping others return to their true selves and change their lives ignites joy in you, then this is a clear sign this is what you are meant to do and be.

Discovering your life purpose as a spiritual coach is a profound and transformative journey. Intuition, inner knowing, life experiences, and cosmic clues can all guide you toward this calling. Remember that the path to becoming a spiritual coach is one of continuous growth, self-discovery, and service to others.

If you resonate with the signs and clues discussed in this blog, it's time to embrace your calling and embark on the path of a spiritual coach. Your unique insights and gifts have the potential to guide and inspire countless individuals on their spiritual journeys, bringing meaning and fulfillment to both your life and the lives of those you touch. Trust in your intuition, listen to your inner knowing, and let your passion for spiritual coaching lead the way. Join our next cohort to start your journey as a certified spiritual coach today!

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