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The best spiritual coaching programs have these 5 things

You've decided that you'd like to become a spiritual coach. Congratulations! Now you might be looking at various training programs and trying to determine how you want to go about getting certified as a spiritual coach. If you're like a lot of people, you want to work with the best so that you can be the best spiritual coach possible.

How do you find the best spiritual coaching programs though? And what exactly makes a spiritual coaching program good in the first place? There are actually some markers you can look for that will separate the best spiritual coaching programs from all the rest. Here are 5 things that the very best spiritual coaching programs offer.

Experienced Faculty

The first marker of a quality spiritual coach certification program is the faculty. You want to learn from people who are effective coaches themselves. You should ask your school about the qualifications of the faculty. Find out what certifications they hold and how long they've been coaching. If certification with the International Coaching Federation is important to you, make sure the teachers you'll be learning from are ICF certified.

Alignment with the ICF core competencies and ethics

Next, you'll want to look at the curriculum itself. The International Coaching Federation is the most commonly used benchmark for coach training. The ICF has identified a set of skills that coaches should be proficient in. These are called core competencies. Even if you don't plan to pursue ICF certification, being skilled in the core competencies will make you a better coach. The best spiritual coaching programs have aligned their curriculum with the ICF core competencies such as Starseed Academy Spiritual Coach Certification Program.

Another area in which the ICF's standards are common in the coaching industry is in the ethics of coaching. Ethical practice is important, and most clients prefer to work with a coach who has clearly stated ethical standards. Make sure your training program teaches ethics and that the ethical standards they teach are aligned with or based on the ICF Code of Ethics. This will give you, as a coach, a clear ethical standard you can share with potential clients.

ICF Accreditation

Some spiritual coaches decide not to pursue ICF certification and that's ok. It may or may not benefit you depending on the work you do. However, having the option to pursue ICF certification will provide you with more opportunities once you complete your training. The ICF upholds the highest standards for both coaches and training programs in the coaching industry.

A training program that has made the effort to become accredited by the ICF is going to be a very high-caliber program. That's why the best spiritual coaching programs are ICF accredited. These programs have demonstrated high-quality training and ethical behavior in order to become ICF accredited. Attending an ICF-accredited program allows you the opportunity to become ICF-certified yourself. Attending a program that is not ICF-accredited limits your path to certification in the future.

Marketing & business development

Once you complete your training, you'll need to be able to market your services and develop your coaching business. The best spiritual coaching programs provide tools and instruction in marketing and business development so you can become a successful coach quickly. Many coach training programs gloss over marketing, giving their students just a brief introduction. If you have prior business experience, that may be enough for you, but most new coaches will need more than a brief introduction. At Starseed Academy, we include both business and marketing mentorship as part of our spiritual certification program.

Coach mentoring

Coach mentoring is a process in which an experienced coach observes your coaching and provides feedback. It can level up your coaching skills exponentially and it's a requirement for ICF certification. The best spiritual coaching programs offer coach mentoring as either and add-on or as part of their coach certification training program. Ask your school what kind of mentoring they provide. Keep in mind, that for ICF certification, your mentor must be ICF certified and meet the ICF standards for mentoring.

Even if you don't plan to pursue ICF certification, mentoring can be an invaluable experience for a new coach. Through mentoring, you will refine your skills and greatly increase your confidence as a coach.

Why Starseed Academy is one of the best spiritual coaching programs

Starseed Academy Coaching Training set out to create one of the best spiritual coaching programs from the very start. Our teachers are all successful ICF-certified coaches who have run their own coaching businesses. They know what it takes to become a successful coach and can help students achieve the same. Our program is ICF accredited and based on the ICF core competencies and code of ethics. Our program includes coach mentoring to really uplevel your coaching skills and confidence.

What really puts Starseed Academy above other coach certification training programs is the depth of our curriculum on marketing and business. Our training program also includes unlimited group support while you're building your business and clientele. Our instructors are happy to answer questions and provide advice on growing your coaching business.

Look for these 5 things when selecting your coach certification training and you'll be sure that it's one of the best spiritual coaching programs. Even more importantly, working with the best will ensure that you become one of the best spiritual coaches out there.

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