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Transformation: Spiritual growth from the coach's view

As a spiritual life coach, you think most about the spiritual growth and transformation that your clients experience as they work with you. But there’s another equally important journey that often goes unnoticed. That journey is your journey as a spiritual life coach. Coaching is a transformative experience for the coach as well as the client.

The First Meeting

As a spiritual life coach, that first connection you establish with a new client is more than just a business transaction. It’s a soul connection. You see the client for who they are, and they trust you to guide them towards embracing their truth. It can also help you see yourself in a different light as well. You may see in your client aspects of yourself that can make things you’re experiencing in your journey feel more universal.

The Aspirations & Soul Goals

Each client comes to you with a unique set of desires and goals. Each has a destination on their journey that they hope to reach. As a coach, you help guide them through the terrain of their inner world to uncover the solutions they hold within. Through this process, however, you are learning and growing yourself. Each client teaches you something new and constantly pushes you to evolve.

Often a client will have aspirations that may mirror your own. As a result, you will learn much about your journey from following along with your client’s journey. Your client's insights may resonate with you and give you new insights into your circumstances.

The Challenges

Of course, your client’s journey isn’t without its challenges. Often clients come to you because something is getting in the way of their goals and aspirations. They desire some help getting through their blocks. These challenges are merely stepping stones on their journey and often will be stepping stones on yours.

It’s not uncommon for a client to be experiencing a block that you are also experiencing, although perhaps in a different area. As you work with your client through this block, you will gain incredible insights into how to unblock yourself.

Sometimes, when a client experiences a block, it may trigger you. You may feel uncomfortable or ill-equipped to help them. This is when imposter syndrome may come up. As you move through these moments, you experience tremendous growth as you realize you have more resources within yourself than you knew. You’ll also grow as you spend more time in meditation or prayer, seeking answers as to how best to help your client. These challenges become milestones on your journey.

The Triumphs

Every time your client has a triumph, it is a shared victory. Your client made some progress, but likely you did too. You may have overcome your doubts about being a coach or conquered your imposter syndrome. When that happens, and your client makes a breakthrough, it is an empowering feeling. You’ll want to have more breakthroughs yourself. And you’ll have an even stronger desire to help others have breakthroughs.

The beautiful paradox of being a spiritual life coach is that while you guide others in their spiritual growth, you’re simultaneously nurturing your spiritual development. Every session, every client is a mirror reflecting at you, urging you to grow, learn, and expand.

Are You Called to be a Spiritual Life Coach?

If this resonates with you, if you feel a stirring in your soul, perhaps you are being called to do this work. Embarking on a journey as a spiritual life coach isn’t just a career choice or business opportunity; it’s a soul mission. It requires courage, compassion, and faith in something greater than yourself.

You can answer this calling through our spiritual life coaching training program, where you will learn transformational spiritual coaching tools to help you and your clients grow.

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