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What is a Spiritual Coach?

If you are wondering what is a spiritual coach, what they can do, and if you are meant to become one, this post is for you!

Truthfully, I did not know spiritual life coaching was a thing. When I was making a career switch from film and tv to coaching I knew I wanted to coach others and incorporate meditation and spirituality.

Little did I know spiritual life coaching or spiritual coaching was a job title that existed.

When I googled 'coaching with meditation' and found 'become a spiritual life coach' I knew this was it for me. Here I will outline exactly what this is, how it can help you, and if you are meant to become a spiritual coach yourself.

What is a Spiritual Coach?

A spiritual coach is a holistic type of practitioner that helps you overcome your blocks, addresses where you are, and helps you move forward toward your desires and goals. To do so, they address and incorporate the spiritual and energetic sides of you.

As human beings, we hold a physical, mental, and emotional side to us, as well as a spiritual and energetic component to ourselves.

Often when people try to move forward in life and feel stuck, can't achieve a goal, or achieve their goal but feel incomplete or unfulfilled it's because they didn't address or dismissed their spiritual side.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin says "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience." So to move forward in life, aim to accomplish goals, and reach our fullest potential, we can only do so in a fully satisfactory way when we incorporate and lead from who we truly are, spiritual beings.

So spiritual coaches help you tap into and integrate your spiritual self into every and any facet of life - money, business, relationships, health, you name it. When you do, you experience wholeness, truth, and full satisfaction on your journey and at the destination of your goals.

Without addressing your spiritual side, it's like trying to run a race with a limp or one leg.

How can Spiritual Coaches help you?

As mentioned, if you don't address your spiritual side and try to move through life with "one leg" you may find yourself out of balance and struggling.

When you work with a spiritual coach, they offer you an opportunity to bring the wholeness of you to your life, goals, and any obstacle you may be facing.

The spiritual being of you consists of God-energy here in physical form. Within that 'God-essence' (or whatever Higher Power or Energy you believe in) holds the creative life force energy and answers that will guide you on your life path. This guidance holds the purest and highest intention for you and all involved.

Spiritual Coaches help you tap into this energy within you to deepen the truth of who you are and drive your life in the direction of God's will, the highest and best for you and all involved.

When you push against this or do not address your spiritual side you will find you are 'ego-driven' in life and have a heavy and limited view on how you perceive life and yourself.

Spiritual coaches help you tap into your inner wisdom through a variety of tools and talents, and it varies per spiritual coach. Some of these tools may be:

  • Life coaching skills that incorporate spirituality in the form of transformational questions and guided spiritual exercises

  • Guided Meditations

  • Channeling Energy or messages

  • Reading your energy

  • Use of intuition

  • Oracle or tarot cards

  • Propieratry spiritual tools that inspire deep shifts, changes, and transformations

  • Holding space and intention from a spiritual space that inspires deeper transformations and breakthroughs to unfold

Every spiritual coach has their own unique flavor, skills, and gifts. The best and most successful ones are the ones who acknowledge and lead with their spiritual gifts and uniqueness.

Choosing a spiritual coach that aligns with you and holds a safe space is important to foster true change, growth, and transformation.

Are you meant to become a spiritual life coach?

Perhaps you are considering working with a spiritual coach or just had a light bulb moment or confirmation that you are meant to become a spiritual life coach yourself. The way to know if you are meant to become a spiritual life coach is simply from a deep knowing.

A knowing you are meant to serve on a higher level.

A knowing that everything you have been through or are going through is serving a higher purpose.

A knowing your purpose is to change lives and help others and spiritual coaching is the path towards that.

For me, once I knew, I knew! Just like they say when you find "the one", you just know... The same goes here. You just know if you are meant to be a spiritual life coach.

There is no thinking. It is solid knowing.

But you could also have an inkling but not 100% sure either and that's okay!

Students who have enrolled in our ICF-accredited spiritual coach training program come from different walks of life. They either know they are meant to become a certified spiritual coach or know they will learn and grow so much from our coach training program and are open to the possibilities that will unfold from taking our course.

The goal today was to provide clarity on what a spiritual life coach is, what they do, and if this path is calling you. We'd love to hear from you! Leave a comment below on what you learned about spiritual coaches today.

If you would love to take the next step in fulfilling your purpose as a spiritual life coach and are ready to become certified, check out our upcoming coach training program.

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