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Why coaching skills are important for healers

I’ve noticed an interesting trend with healers. Many healers spend a lot of time learning and collecting new modalities. This might be because they feel that a new modality will make them more valuable, or they may have noticed that their clients keep returning for the same issues and hope that a new modality will help make a breakthrough.

The truth is that most healers don’t need to collect certifications in new modalities. The key lies in their client; the healer must know how to connect the client to their innate wisdom. This is where coaching skills come in. Being a certified spiritual coach is an excellent complement to any healer. Here are some of the reasons why.

Coaching helps the client find the healer within

Coaching makes an empowering assumption about the client. Coaching operates from the belief that the client is inherently whole and infinitely creative. When you use coaching within your healing sessions, you help the client realize that they have the power to heal within themselves. This is often the goal of many alternative healing modalities, helping the client heal herself.

As a healer and coach, you’ll be able to help the client discover what they already know about themselves and their situation. Through this, you’ll also help the client uncover the solutions that exist within. This leads to significant breakthroughs and helps the client learn to heal herself.

Coaching can remove recurring blocks and issues

Sometimes, clients always return with the same issue. It can even be frustrating as a healer to feel like they’re not making progress or getting better. Often, these recurring issues are due to underlying false beliefs or a negative mindset. These blocks get in the way of their healing. This is where coaching can be a powerful modality for getting underneath the immediate issue to understand what is contributing to their difficulties. Coaching often works with blocks such as false beliefs and mindsets. By having the coaching skills to help your client move through their block, you’ll see them finally heal.

Coaching can speed up the healing

Sometimes as a healer, clients have other things that contribute to their need for your services. For example, stress might be a factor that causes your client to return over and over. Coaching can help your client identify these contributing factors and find ways to make positive changes to alleviate them. This allows you, as the healer, to help your client progress faster and heal more quickly. This also allows you to move deeper in your work and heal other areas for your client rather than revisiting the same issue repeatedly.

Coaching complements the healer’s other modalities

Coaching doesn’t replace the other healing modalities but rather works alongside them to help the client. As a healer, you’ll want to coach your clients alongside your other healing modalities. You might coach them during the first part of your session and then follow up with another modality. This will help your client realize insights that maximize the benefits of your other modalities. In this way, coaching perfectly complements your other healing tools.

Healers can help their clients more by incorporating coaching into their work. When coaching is coupled with other healing modalities, clients progress more quickly and have fewer recurring issues. This is because coaching is an excellent tool for overcoming limiting beliefs and negative mindsets. Coaching also operates from the idea that each client is whole and infinitely creative. This approach helps clients connect with their healer within.

Ready to add coaching skills to your healing business? Our spiritual coach training program will give you the necessary skills to maximize your healing business.

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