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Why Spiritual Coaches Are Important

Have you ever wondered what spiritual coaches do and why they are so important? In this blog post, I share 6 ways spiritual coaches are important and the impact they make.

Let's start with a mini-exercise. Finish this sentence ...

"The world would be a better place if everyone had a ..................."

For me, the answer is "SPIRITUAL COACH". If everyone had a spiritual coach, the world would be such a better place. Everyone would be living their fullest lives and being their true authentic selves. They would also find they can overcome any challenge or block with spiritual coaching; and achieve any goal faster and with more fulfillment from a spiritual coach.

You may be thinking, "Ya, but can't any type of coach do that?". Perhaps, but the difference I find spiritual life coaches make is they integrate the whole being of you - the spiritual and human sides. Most coaches focus mainly on one angle - mental, emotional, physical, strategetic, or energetic, and rarely address the whole being of you.

At Starseed Academy, we train our students to be well-versed in all areas so that they can guide their clients to overcome any block and achieve any goal from a whole embodied approach.

In this blog post, I list the top 6 ways spiritual coaches are important and the impact they have the potential to make when well-trained.

Spiritual Coaches are important because they help you:

  1. Clear your mind: Spiritual coaching has the ability to lessen thoughts of anxiety, worry, and fear; and experience a space of bliss, peace, and silence. In this space, your intuition and divine downloads can be heard. At 24 when I discovered meditation for the first time, I experienced relief, peace, and calmness like never before. I didn't know this was possible - I thought I had to live with anxiety for the rest of my life. When spirituality is incorporated with coaching you have the ability to tap into a higher level of consciousness and peace.

  2. Connect to your Innate power: We are all born with an innate light and power built within. We are spiritual beings in a human experience which means we are affected by a variety of life influences, experiences, and conditions that often draw us from our innate spark and knowing. A Spiritual Coach, come from the core belief that you are divine, whole, and complete and are not missing anything. They just remind you and guide you back to the power you already are.

  3. Connect deeper to Higher Guidance: How many Business, Money or Relationship Coaches do you know that draw on the spiritual and energetic sides to propel you and your goals forward? I know coaches who do incorporate the spiritual and energetic sides and I also know of coaches who do not incorporate this. The ones who do, standout, are more successful and have clients with higher success rates. They know not to rely on just their physical and mental selves to solve a problem or attain a goal. They know the importance of and have the skills to tap into the higher self and higher guidance for truer, fuller, aligned results. Without a Spiritual Coach or spiritual approach to goals, the results fall flat and are unsustainable and the journey is less fulfilling.

  4. Achieve anything you want when you approach it from the wholeness of you, your spiritual self: Spiritual Coaches have the ability to help you achieve your goals in triple the time and create quantum leaps in your life because they approach it from the most powerful indestructible part of you, your spirit. Every time I have tried to accomplish a goal from thinking my way there or doing all the right things, the results or slow or nothing at all. When I approach anything in my life from my spiritual self, the answers, actions, and actual results happen instantaneously or in a more empowering way in its divine time.

  5. Change any reality in life, business, relationship, money, and health Look at any area of your life and view it from the lens of your spiritual self. Your point of view changes your reality. When you start viewing and approaching your life from your spiritual self, you will begin to see things differently, even those pesky little challenges, move differently, trust differently, feel differently, act differently, and think differently. And again, your thoughts create your reality. When you think like your spiritual self you have the potential to transcend time and space and (re)create any reality and outcome you want.

  6. Create a chain reaction by the change within you Working with a spiritual coach or becoming a spiritual coach creates a chain reaction of change. When you change, so do the people and experiences around you. When you are a spiritual coach, you inspire your clients to change and that change doesn't just stop there. The effects from just one client affect their family, children, workmates, partner, friends, etc; I have had many coaching clients who become spiritual coaches because of our 1:1 work together - they transformed, had spiritual awakenings, and were inspired to assist others to experience their own awakenings and therefore went on to start their own spiritual coach businesses where they are serving others.

These are just some of the ways spiritual coaches are important and the impact they make. From helping you overcome your personal blocks to achieving your professional goals in a more complete way to committing to their own spiritual growth so they can be of higher service. Due to their own spiritual experience and service, they create a ripple effect that inspires others to change, grow and become their most authentic selves.

If you feel inspired to change the world through sharing your personal spiritual awakening or because you experienced the drastic effects of being coached by a spiritual coach, then perhaps it is your time to become a certified spiritual coach! Check out our next coach certification program to become a certified spiritual life coach in less than a year!

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