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3 Need to Know Skills for Life Coaching Success

Are you ready to take your coaching business to the next level? If so, there are certain skills that you must develop in order to become a high-level spiritual life coach.

The truth of it is there are lots of 'average' life coaches out there, those that have little to no training and even ones who are trained but struggle to be successful in life coaching.

Now, I think that every coach at some point in their coaching career gets those niggling doubts, "Am I an average coach? Will people take me seriously? I can't charge for what I do. Who would pay!?" In all honestly, I have been there and done that and you might at that point too.

The truth is, it is possible to develop from an average coach to a high-level successful coach. In this post, we will share the top traits of high-level successful life coaches.

3 need to know skills for life coaching success. From average to high-level


In order to achieve success as a life coach, it is important to prioritize the investment that you put into your own personal and professional development - HIRE THAT COACH! This will help you to improve your own skills and to show up with integrity. I urge you to consider your self-investment as a non-negotiable, necessary expense in your budget, much like paying for rent, food or phone. It is one of the greatest skills you can learn for your life coaching business to invest in yourself. If you can master this the rewards will speak for themselves.

Your business is going to require you to develop on a personal level.


A high-level coach has high-level coaching skills. This means constantly developing and improving your skills, knowledge and understanding of your chosen path as a coach. This could look like taking online courses, attending workshops and conferences, or learning from more experienced coaches. It also means constantly reflect and evaluate your own performance after each session. This can help you identify where you need to improve and take action by finding more advanced courses, workshops or training that align with your goals and take you out of your comfort zone, this will lead to better results and transformations for your clients and in turn will help you grow your business.


Start investing in your energy by identifying and focusing on activities, people, environments, and behaviors that make you feel good and energized. And eliminating or decreasing those that don't. This can be achieved by tuning in to your own inner wisdom and guidance, and making conscious decisions based on what feels expansive and freeing, rather than based on societal, familial or cultural expectations. These choices will improve your energy and help to build a sustainable coaching business. Investing in your energy tank can help to increase the amount of love and abundance in your life, because you cannot build something sustainable when you're feeling drained, empty or lack in toxic energy.

Here's the catch, it's not enough to merely know the core skills for life coaching success. In order to actually achieve it, we have to set real and practical goals to put these life coaching skills to good use. This is the sticking point for most people, despite knowing the necessary tools, they don't want to actually do the work and this is what sets your business above the others. For example, say you want to work on Investing in yourself and your business: how are you going to put this into action, and apply your time and energy to achieve it? It's all about priorities, skip your daily $4 coffee and instead put the funds towards coaching, training, or hiring someone who can ease your workload.

Pick one of these high-level attributes today and work on it until you can safely say "yes I am a high-level spiritual coach"... and then KEEP GOING, keep developing, keep honing, keep growing!

You've got the gift, so don't stop now.

Becoming a high-level spiritual coach requires focus and investment in yourself, your craft, and your energy. By prioritizing these three areas, you can take your coaching business to the next level and help your clients achieve exponential results in record time.

If you are ready to uplevel your coaching practice, start making a real impact, and embrace your purpose we encompass all 3 of these core skills for life coaching success within our 6-month Spiritual Coach Certification Program.

This is a comprehensive training program that guides and supports coaches in achieving their dream business by integrating deep personal development, advanced coaching skills, and energy alignment. By investing in the training offered by Starseed Academy, coaches will have the skills, knowledge, and confidence to create a successful and sustainable business that aligns with their personal values and purpose.

If you're ready to take your coaching business to the next level, visit our program page today:

For a more in-depth dive into these 3 skills for life coaching success listen to my Words of Wisdom podcast episode 'How to become a High-Level Spiritual Coach' below: This is where you'll learn the EXACT steps and skills that a high-level life coach requires. These tools not only got my spiritual life coaching business to 6-figures but also brought fulfillment and freedom into my life:


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