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The Benefits of Having An Intuitive Coach

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Written By Guest Blogger: Meredith McDonough, Starseed Academy Graduate Owner of The Call Within. Transformational Coach, Psychic, Energy Healer, and Teacher.

Who are Intuitive Coaches?

The world of coaching is full of all kinds of coaches: business coaches, dating coaches, feminine wisdom coaches, fitness and nutrition coaches, empowerment coaches for men and women, polarity coaches, and the list could go on! And some of the newest coaches to come to the coaching scene: Intuitive Coaches.

And what exactly is an Intuitive Coach? And what is Intuitive Coaching? And what makes it different from regular coaching?

Now, you’ve likely come across this post because you are considering using an intuitive coach, are an extremely gifted intuitive coach yourself, or are considering maximizing your spiritual gifts and desiring to better serve your clients through an accredited coach training program.

Whatever category you fit, Welcome! And I’m glad you found this blog post… seriously!

What Brings One To Intuitive Coaching?

Everyone’s path into intuitive coaching looks a bit different. I’ve taken the time to share some brief light on my personal journey into intuitive coaching.

To begin, I was born intuitive, was a very intuitive child, and while in college formally began my healing arts education in 2009. I studied so many things! Reiki, Hypnosis, Quantum Touch, Biofield Tuning, etc. In 2011, I formally started my healing practice offering psychic readings, energy healing, and hypnosis sessions.

However, I didn’t become a certified coach until 2022 when I discovered Starseed Academy Coach Training Program.

You see, previous to discovering Starseed Academy the only kind of coaching I was familiar with were business coaches most of whom were familiar with coaching corporate folks, MLMs, “muggle” businesses, and startups. They certainly weren't familiar with coaching someone who serves the community as a psychic and energy healer! And honestly, I’d never ever considered the thought of having a coach, because I didn’t even know I needed one! More importantly, what I really needed was the ALIGNED coach, who “got me” and my intuitive gifts.

Fast forward a few years later to post-COVID times, I discovered Starseed Academy. After expressing feeling stuck in my business to a friend, she advised me to speak with Starseed Graduate Roz Kincaid. Following a conversation with Roz, then an interview with Minerva it didn’t take me long to know that Starseed Academy was the program I desired to align myself with!

What Is An Intuitive Coach?

In my own words: An intuitive coach is a person who authentically embodies their intuitive gifts and abilities (Intuitive Gifts would be: clairaudience,-sentience,-olfactory,-cognizance, -voyance, just to name a few!) and uses those gifts to serve humanity.

In addition, an intuitive coach understands their role isn’t just to give a reading, or tell the client what to do, yet instead their role is to fold in their intuitive abilities inside of a coaching session in an authentic and integral way to create a space where a coaching client can discover the answers that lie within them.

What’s the difference Between an Intuitive Coach and a “Regular” coach?

A regular coach is what we would call a “muggle” coach. They may perhaps have strong instincts and gut feelings but haven’t taken the time to fully develop their own intuitive gifts, or they may perhaps have no intuitive abilities at their disposal at all.

As a result, they may not be as effective or relatable to a person with a spiritual belief system or intuitive abilities, which could result in a struggle to build a trusting coach-client relationship, especially if coaching a Spiritual Entrepreneur.

To add, there are many wonderful regular muggle coaches who are excellent coaches though, and make an impact in their own unique ways!

The Benefits of Having (And Becoming) An Intuitive Coach

All coaches desire to serve the person in front of them, and intuitive coaches are no different, more importantly, there are several advantages to having or becoming an intuitive coach! Here are the Top 5 Advantages:

#1 We may receive intuitive information regarding a coaching client prior to even meeting with the coaching client

If you’re already a highly empathic or psychic person, you may perhaps receive information regarding your client before they even arrive, whether you want to or not. To illustrate, I woke up one day before a coaching session. Despite sleeping well and eating a good breakfast, I began to feel heavy, lethargic, irritable, and just overall- apathetic. The more I tried to push these feelings away, the stronger they became! As the time grew closer for my appointment, I grew anxious, and I thought to myself, How could I show up like this with a coaching client? I’m the coach, I’m supposed to be grounded! I can’t come in with all of my crap!

After a few moments to ground and clear me, and embody a spiritual presence for the coaching session, I intuitively felt it was the client who was feeling this way!

Sure enough, as soon as they popped onto the Zoom screen, the client conveyed feeling “low” and “heavy” and much of what they continued to describe, matched up with what I had been picking up on intuitively!

Being well-trained in the Spiritual Tools from Starseed Academy, I offered the client a spiritual tool to assist in helping them feel supported by the Divine, and it created wonderful shifts in their session!

Overall, being trained to incorporate the Spiritual Tools I learned in Starseed and follow my intuitive nudges, allowed me as an intuitive coach to better serve that client that day.

#2 We receive intuitive nudges hits as the session unfolds.

Another advantage of being an intuitive coach is we may receive intuitive nudges and hits as the session may progress.

For example, as a client begins to describe a difficult time or situation, they perhaps may say, “I don’t know how to say this,” in turn my intuition may show me an image, speak a specific phrase about the situation, or offer a feeling to my physical body. With permission from my client to share these intuitive hits, often times I observe sharing them allows the client to feel seen and heard.

Two very important rapport and connection builders when serving our coaching clients.

#3 Intuitive Coaching integrates well with other healing modalities

Intuitive Coaching integrates well with other healing modalities and spiritual practices.

For example, during my Starseed Academy Coach program, I learned a variety of Spiritual Tools that could assist my clients in creating powerful shifts in their coaching sessions.

To illustrate, a client may perhaps come to the awareness of some childhood wounds that require healing. Instead of having to refer them out for a whole other practitioner and process, with the spiritual tools learned in Starseed Academy, as an intuitive coach we can perhaps create shifts right there in that same session.

Although coaching in itself can be powerful, having a variety of tools at my disposal as an intuitive coach allowed me to better serve my client. Even to the point where other coaches who went through university-level coaching programs began saying to me, “We never learned how to do that! Where did you learn that? And I wish I had that training!”

Intuitive Coaching integrates well with other healing modalities and spiritual practices besides the ones learned in Starseed Academy.

Another advantage of being an intuitive coach is being able to integrate other healing modalities. For example, being trained in several energy healing modalities such as Reiki and Quantum Touch. After a session, I may receive the intuitive nudge to support clients’ post-coaching sessions with these energy healing offerings. Always with the coaching client's permission, I can send healing energy to these clients’ after our coaching session for continuous support and shifts. And because these energy healing modalities operate outside of space and time, the coaching client doesn’t need to be present physically, or even on the phone, to receive the benefits of Reiki and Quantum Touch.

Many coaching clients appreciate receiving this extra healing support.

#4 The Belief there is a Higher Power greater than Us

Like any healing practitioner, it can be easy to get swept away in the idea that we as the coach are solely responsible for a coaching client's results, because our logical brain says, “Isn't that what they hired us for?”

However, as intuitive coaches, we understand that our clients, their journeys, and their outcomes, are divinely guided. Knowing this and trusting this Divine guidance as a coach, alleviates much of the pressure that it’s all “on” the Coach and/or the coaching client to create the desired outcomes.

#5 They “Get” You

In an intuitive coaching program, and/or working with an intuitive coach, your coach will “get” you. Especially if you already are intuitive and/or highly empathic you won’t have to explain or justify your intuitive hits, deja vu moments, dreams, intuitive gut feelings, or visuals. If anything it will be normal and encouraged to share your intuitive abilities so long as it’s with consent!

To conclude, there are many advantages of working with an intuitive coach or becoming an intuitive coach yourself. And whether you're new to the spiritual path or a seasoned healer, the Starseed Academy Coach Training Program is an excellent place to begin your intuitive coaching journey!

About Your Guest Blogger: Meredith McDonough

Meredith McDonough is the Found and Owner of The Call Within.

She helps her clients listen to the call within themselves to make peace with the past so they can better look forward to the future. Meredith is a graduate of Starseed Academy, An Intuitive Coach, Teacher, Blogger, Psychic, and Energy Healer. She lives with her two cats in California.

You can find The Call Within Coaching, Courses, and Services Online at :


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