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How to Become a Life Coach

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to become a life coach.

As the Director of Starseed Academy Coach Training and Certified Spiritual Coach for close to 10 years, I will share the steps I took to become a spiritual life coach and steps I recommend if you are seriously considering becoming a life coach.

There is no "one way" to become a coach as every story and journey is unique. Here I offer steps, in no particular order, that I find are common among all the life coaches I know and have trained.

Step 1 - Decide You Are Meant to Become a Life Coach

Whether it is a desire, intuition, dream or a clear calling you are meant to be a life coach, declare right here right now that you are meant to become a life coach.

Questioning or wavering in your decision can muddle your energy and the next steps you take to becoming a coach. Therefore, your actions will be more potent if you are clear in your mind, body and soul that this is what you want and meant to be.

Step 2- Decide How You Want to Do This

Do you want to start exactly where you are and start offering your skills for free or paid?

Or do you want to become certified to learn how to utilize and enhance your natural skills and gifts in a way that offers structure, confidence and foundation for your career as a life coach? You get to choose.

I know coaches who are both certified and who have never been through a certification program and charge for their services. Some are successful and some still struggle.

For myself, when I answered "the call" in becoming a life coach (months of meditating on what I am meant to do and finally deciding to write down all the divine messages I was receiving), I saw the words "coaching with meditation and spirituality" written in my journal, I KNEW this was it.

I immediately starting searching for "coaching with meditation" and discovered 'spiritual coach certification' online ---honestly I had no idea this was a thing!

I researched a few schools, wrote down what I desired to learn and choose the school that fit best for me. I even enrolled in a few certifications at one time because I was hungry to learn more.

Not that you have to do multiple certifications at once. I highly suggest you choose what feels most inspiring, exciting and expansive for you - clues your body/energy tells you when something is meant for you.

Step 3 - Get clear on your soul's mission

Whether you decide to get certified or not when becoming a life coach, it's easy to get sucked in other people's vision and mission of what a successful life coach looks like.

The concept of success is completely different from person to person. To some it means hitting a financial milestone. To others it means staying home with the kids. To another it may mean doing both. Again, you get to choose what success means to you.

So before you start any program, get clear on what success means to you. And most importantly, get clear on what your soul's mission is. This becomes the focal point of your journey and the place you come back to when making the most aligned decisions when starting, growing and expanding in your business to the next level. Here is a great meditation to help you uncover your soul's mission now.

When you lose sight of your mission, you will find yourself living up to others expectations and dreams, face confusion and frustration and ultimately, feel unaligned when becoming the life coach you desire to be.

Step 4 - Get Certified

I am not saying this because I run an accredited spiritual coach certification program but I also wouldn't be running a certified spiritual coach training program if I didn't believe in the power of becoming a certified life coach.

To give you another point of view on what certified coaches offer, I have been coached by non-ICF accredited coaches on a few occasions. These coaches violated my trust and sense of safety to open up to them. Needless to say I stopped working with them.

Not that being certified or having letters behind your name guarantees you will be a trustworthy, effective coach, but it does give you a platform to grow from.

When you are not certified, you are taking people's trust and lives in your hands and potentially messing with them.

Becoming a certified life coach means you are committed to the profession, your mission and providing the best possible experience for your clients.

When you become a certified coach, you learn coaching skills, life coaching tools, coaching flow, how to deal with clients in different scenarios, how to facilitate powerful transformations, build your confidence, build a business, and hopefully be learning from coaches who are successful at it themselves.

That is why I have incorporate all these important elements to becoming a certified life coach in our ICF-accredited spiritual coach certification program . We also include ongoing business mentorship as I find real life challenges arise for every coach during and after any coach training program so you have unlimited support from our Instructors and Mentors for a full year.

All in all, your journey to becoming a life coach will be different and unique to you.

If you are interested in learning more about our personal journeys to becoming life coaches, receive our FREE video series: The Real on Running a Spiritual Coaching Biz here.

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