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How to Live in Alignment with your Unique Calling

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

There is nothing more beautiful than living in alignment with your purpose. Nothing more empowering than growing into your authenticity, your inner power, and sharing that with the rest of the world.

That key question raised by so many "what am I meant to do in life?" is so often guided by a soul search of finding your calling through purpose.

  • What am I inspired by?

  • What excites me?

  • What is my skillset?

And yet... despite this being perhaps THE most groundbreaking discovery that we can make for ourselves so many of us deny our calling and instead force a life that we have decided we should lead.

We tell ourselves a story of what our perfect life looks like, but this is not necessarily the same path that Spirit has designed for us. We go about our days out of alignment and forcing a life that is just not for us.

So how do we know when we have fallen out of alignment!? This can look like...

  • Feeling unfulfilled within your everyday life

  • Coming home EXHAUSTED from work

  • Reaching for something that never quite comes

  • A feeling of anger. Like you have been cheated by the life you are living

  • A feeling of disappointment like life is not giving you what you hoped for

Comparing that to waking up every morning feeling excited to start your day, overflowing with satisfaction and energy (Not BEGGING the weekend to come around every week!? - seriously is that possible? YES!). Life flows when we find alignment with our unique calling because we are able to give in to intuition and our higher calling which is meant for us to live a life of heaven on earth. Yes, each and every one of us is meant for that life if we CHOOSE it.

Look at it this way. We admire those who are confident in life, making a difference and making a living doing what they love. The only difference between those who are living in alignment to their unique calling and those who are not is DECISION - the decision to not live out of alignment and force their way through life, but a decision to be lead to what they are meant to do and answer the call by DOING it!

When you do, I promise, the people, resources and opportunities will come with ease because that is part of the DNA of your unique calling.

What can you do to discover your own unique calling?

  1. Start making passion-based decisions: Now's the time for clarity. Try this when searching for your passion of all passions: Write out a list of all of the things that bring you joy, everything that you just couldn't live without doing. It doesn't matter how many there are - get them all on the table. Once you have this list in front of you it becomes much easier to condense these down to 0-5 things that you are MOST passionate about. These will become your measuring tool for every decision you make be it in life, career, or relationships. Always ask yourself is this taking me closer to my ideal life - to this ultimate passion?

  2. Let go of your "practical" plans: The mind is not the authority, it has limits, but the soul does not - tap into these powers. Throughout our lives, each of us has been fed conditioning beliefs of what our life 'should' look like whether by family, society, or culture. When you go about discovering your unique calling empty your mind of those fixed plans, expectations, and limitations. Imagine beyond your current reality because in order for your reality to change so must your mindset.

  3. Journaling: This exercise will help you to notice patterns unfolding throughout your life. By recalling and journalling as many experiences as you can over the course of your life you will eventually be able to spot common themes popping up. These common themes will help you get to know yourself a little better, in areas of resistance and abundance. The clues are there and they are threaded throughout your life.

  4. Be Objective: This one takes honesty. Sit yourself down in an honest and open space and ask what are my strengths and what are my weaknesses? These will be hugely instrumental in building a life around your unique calling. You can even write out a plan on how best to leverage your strengths to bring you closer to your passion. You may well find that your current job isn't best suited to your strengths - don't worry! We are just at the beginning of our journey, there is more to come...

  5. Patience: Patience is key! This is a journey that will take time and should not be rushed. Allow your life calling to unfold, like a flower as you slowly discover more and more about yourself and your true passions.

  6. Ask for Guidance: If you want it, ask for it! Ask for it from yourself, the universe, and those that can offer your the necessary tools to achieve your greatest desire. If you are truly ready to dedicate yourself to this journey you are going to want support, guidance, and clarity. This is a great time to introduce you to one of Starseed Academy's esteemed instructors Julian Crosson-Hill. Julian has found his unique calling as a Spiritual Life Coach who specializes in helping others to find clarity with their own life purpose. He has helped many clients live out their unique calling. This is why we are SUPER excited to have him working with us at Starseed Academy, sharing his wealth of knowledge and guiding you Starseeds to living out your own unique calling! Meet Julian... 👋

If you are interested in learning more about discovering your unique calling you can listen to our recent Words of Wisdom Podcast below. Our founder Minerva Maharajh and Starseed Academy instructor Julian Crosson-Hill share an honest discussion into life purpose, unique calling, and what happens when we just miss the mark on our life of alignment:

Your unique calling is ready when you are. If you know your unique calling is to serve others on a higher level then Starseed Academy Coach Training could be right for you. Check out our next Spiritual Coach Training program and apply for a spot today!

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